The Dext Connect app

Combining the functionality of desktop accounting with the speed and accuracy of the cloud.

Simple, seamless and secure integration

Use Dext Prepare’s all new integration to easily manage QuickBooks Desktop clients. Speed up your data management and work with more businesses without having to change your processes.

The Dext Connect App

Taking desktop to the clouds

Publish in seconds

Stop losing time waiting to upload your data. With our new QuickBooks Desktop integration, this becomes a thing of the past. All you need to do is install the integration so you can upload and update records in seconds in the cloud.

Client integration

In a matter of minutes, all your client information becomes accessible, saving you hours of data entry each month. To add clients currently using QuickBooks Desktop, simply click Integrate and select the businesses ready to sync.

Single view

Amounts, due dates, categories and supplier lists – view everything instantly on one dashboard. No more switching between platforms or applications.

Take control

Protecting your clients’ data will always be our number one priority. Benefit from on-premise desktop storage supported by bank-level encryption built into Dext.

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Welcome to Dext

Formerly Receipt Bank

For more than a decade we’ve backed accountants and bookkeepers to make better businesses. Today we start a new chapter with you.

Dext is the new name for our company. And Dext Prepare is the new name for Receipt Bank.