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Three-click reconciliation

By connecting with a client’s business bank account, Dext will identify what’s been paid using a live record of costs, for quicker reconciliation. You can focus on items that need more attention.

Your client simply needs to head to the ‘Bank transactions’ tab and click ‘Add bank data’. Once the account is connected, paperwork can be matched and a reconciliation report generated.

Send paperwork requests

Cut out the chasing and deliver paperwork requests automatically to your client’s app inbox. In the ‘Bank transactions’ tab, you can immediately identify missing paperwork by clicking ‘Filter’ and selecting ‘Unmatched’. You can then select the transactions you need paperwork for, and hit ‘Request’.


By understanding current cash position with invoices owed, Dext allows you to offer real-time cash flow insights to your clients. This means less time wasted on manual admin tasks, and more up-to-the-minute insights into your client’s cash flow. In short: you receive more accurate data, and they receive better advice.

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