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The freedom to do more

Streamline payment processes to save time, reduce the paper chase and cut down on costly errors. And the best part? It’s simple.

Never miss another invoice

The Dext Pay app takes the pain out of invoice management. Your clients can upload, track and publishpay invoices all via the app. So you both get a clear financial picture and spend less time chasing invoices. Not bad for one little app.


A single dashboard

See what’s paid and what’s owed in a single, simple view. It means unpaid invoices never go under the radar, and you and your clients are always on the same page.

Due dates

With a clear view of due dates, you and your clients can stay well ahead of the game, and on top of paperwork.

Easy tracking

Clients can keep tabs on paid and unpaid invoices in a glance. And even snap and upload receipts instantly via their smartphone.

One-click items

Mark up an item as paid or unpaid in just one click. Dext Pay will then automatically file away your invoice. Tidy.

Match made in heaven

Match connects with your client’s business bank account and uses live cost data for rapid reconciliation. It saves you serious time on manual data entry and provides real-time cash flow insights for clients. It’s a godsend.

  • Three clicks

    Your client needs to head to the ‘Bank transactions’ tab and click ‘Add bank data’. Once the account is connected, paperwork can be matched and a reconciliation report generated.

  • Request instantly

    In the ‘Bank transactions’ tab, you can immediately identify missing paperwork by clicking ‘Filter’ and selecting ‘Unmatched’. You can then select the transactions you need paperwork for, and hit ‘Request’.

  • Real-time cash flow

    Prepare gives you up-to-the-minute data on your client’s cash flow. And with complete, accurate data, you can give even better advice and spend less time chasing paper.

Pain-free payments

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