Real Estate recordkeeping

The easiest way to manage your business finances, with all the tools you need to stay in control of your cash flow.

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Simple small business record keeping

Monthly closing, deal pipelines, interest rates - today’s real estate markets are challenging enough without worrying about recordkeeping or the IRS.

Everything under one roof

With Dext, you’ll never miss an invoice or unclaimed tax break again. Simply upload key financial records from over 1,400 suppliers - watch your business data appear in one single dashboard. Easy real-time recordkeeping for real estate companies.


The keys to success

With Dext, real estate brokerages can get back in control of their business finances within minutes. Think of it as the keys to save money, time and stress - so you can focus on securing buyers their dream home.

  • Upload

    Use our one-click photo upload and connect with PayPal, Amazon, eBay, Tripcatcher, Mailchimp, and over 1,400 suppliers to easily upload your invoices. The easiest way to expense more, and pay less tax.
  • Extract

    We extract all the important information from your documents and store it in one place. Say goodbye to duplicates and hours of data entry and unlock better control over your finances.
  • Integrate

    Connect your accounting software in minutes. We work with anybody – think Xero, QuickBooks, Sage and more – so you can too.
  • Manage

    The only app that lets you upload, track and pay invoices from the same place. The simplest way to stay on top of your cash flow, giving you better control over business finances.


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Dext has been vital to my business. Being able to create easy submission of receipts for my clients. This has allowed me to complete work in a timely manner and be able to serve a big geographic area

Jennifer Walsh-Deines

Time-saving, this is a must with any business as it does the boring work for you!


Facilitates straight through processing of expenses and saves time and energy on filing tasks. Would highley recommend.


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