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The definitive series for packaging, pricing and selling your modern accounting practice. The Dext Academy is your premier education experience bringing you access to industry experts to cover the topics you need to know to drive success at your firm.

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From Compliance to Reliance

With Mark Holton - August 12th at 2pm

For our inaugural Dext Academy session, Industry expert Mark Holton helps us unlock the value of client advisory for your firm. The first step of Dext Academy focuses on how accountants and bookkeepers can update their service lines to provide additional value for their clients and open new avenues to increase their client portfolios. With the nuance of the accounting industry, being able to determine what clients need to survive and thrive is essential to firm longevity and success.

With Guest Mark Holton as our guide, we will deep dive and discover tangible strategies for creating a unique offering of services that address your current client needs while opening opportunities for new client onboarding.

The Value of Modern Pricing

With Ron Baker - September 16th at 2pm

In part two of the Dext Academy, we bring our focus on pricing. We tackle pricing from a foundational and practical level. Knowing that hourly pricing leaves value on the table - we will discuss alternative pricing methods that will allow your firm to discover new opportunities for revenue and drive meaningful growth for your firm

With Guest Ron Baker as our guide, we will deep dive and discover tangible strategies for finding and deploying new pricing strategies for modern accounting and bookkeeping firms.

Building a Brand for your Practice

With Kellie Parks - October 14th at 2pm

Over the past two months, we have worked on internally building a better firm by elevating our pricing and determining what services to add to create a more holistic approach. For session 3, we will demonstrate to our audience how to effectively position and market their new services to gain new clients and begin building new opportunities.

With Guest Speaker Kellie Parks, we will deep dive into results-proven strategies to set your firm apart and attract your ideal clientele. Then, put the work you’ve done in steps 1 and 2 to good use by attracting clients that will respond well to your new business model.

How to Scale a Firm in 2021

With Ryan Lazanis - October 28th at 2pm

To conclude the first semester of our Dext Academy, we focus on growth and how you can set your firm up for long time success. Join us to discuss the tangible steps you can take to establish a growth trajectory for your firm.

With Guest Speaker Ryan Lazanis, he will share his industry expertise on building an accounting practice meant to scale and share the key lessons he’s learned to drive growth for the modern accounting firm.