Streamline document management with Customer Rules

Customer rules is a feature in Dext Prepare, which allows you to automate document handling for specific clients. By setting rules, you can automatically categorise and process documents according to predefined preferences, saving time and ensuring accuracy.


How can Customer Rules help your firm and clients?

Increase efficiency

Customer Rules automate document processing, saving time by categorising and handling documents from specific clients without manual intervention.

Guarantee accuracy

By setting up rules, you ensure consistent and accurate handling of financial documents.This reduces errors and maintains the integrity of financial records, benefiting both your firm and clients.

Client satisfaction

Efficient and accurate document processing leads to improved client satisfaction. Clients receive organised, timely, and error-free financial reports, enhancing their overall experience.

Scale up

As your firm grows, managing a larger client base becomes more challenging. Customer Rules enable you to scale your operations effectively without sacrificing the quality of document handling and processing.

Simple document management with Customer Rules

Optimise your document management processes, leading to enhanced accuracy, increased efficiency, and improved client satisfaction.

Automated categorisation

  • Customer Rules automates the categorisation of documents from specific clients, reducing manual sorting and saving valuable time.
  • Documents are automatically tagged with appropriate categories, ensuring consistent organisation.

Predefined Actions

  • Set predefined actions for documents from certain clients, such as assigning expense categories or tax codes.
  • This eliminates the need for repetitive manual tasks, enhancing efficiency and reducing the risk of errors

Connect Dext Prepare to your accounting software

Whether you're using Xero, QBO, Sage or another provider, Dext products connect seamlessly with the world's leading accounting software. Dext Prepare can help your business automate your everyday financial operations, giving your business the platform to grow.

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