Simple document submission with Dext’s email extraction

Dext's email extraction feature allows users to submit accounting documents or expenses via email. The system automatically extracts essential details like vendor information and amounts, saving time and improving accuracy in managing financial records.


Email extraction feature has benefits for both your firm and clients:

Efficient Document Submission

Clients can conveniently submit financial documents via email directly to their Dext account.

Automated Data Extraction

Dext's technology automatically extracts essential details from emailed documents, reducing manual effort.

Time Savings

Automated extraction eliminates manual data entry, saving time for both your firm and clients.

Enhanced accuracy

The feature reduces the risk of errors by extracting key information accurately from documents.

Benefits of Email Extraction for Your Firm and Clients

Efficiency and Accuracy in Document Handling

Simplified Submission Process

  • Streamlined Document Submission: Clients can effortlessly submit various financial documents, such as receipts, invoices, and bills, by sending them directly via email to their Dext account.
  • Convenient Accessibility: This simplified process eliminates the need for clients to navigate complex platforms, enhancing their convenience and encouraging timely submissions.

Automated Data Extraction

  1. Effortless Information Capture: Dext's advanced technology automatically identifies and extracts essential details from the emailed documents, including vendor names, transaction amounts, and dates.
  2. Error Reduction: By automating data extraction, the feature minimises the risk of manual errors that could occur during data entry, ensuring that the extracted information is accurate and reliable.
  3. Enhanced Data Accuracy: The automated extraction process contributes to maintaining accurate financial records.

Connect Dext Prepare to your accounting software

Whether you're using Xero, QBO, Sage or another provider, Dext products connect seamlessly with the world's leading accounting software. Dext Prepare can help your business automate your everyday financial operations, giving your business the platform to grow.

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