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Règles Client

Affectez automatiquement vos comptes de TVA, client et de produit à vos factures de vente, pour avoir une meilleure visibilité sur vos ventes en un instant.



Triez et catégorisez automatiquement les données pour gagner un temps précieux.


Productivité du cabinet

Dext Prepare vous accompagne dans la réussite de votre transition digitale afin de rendre votre cabinet plus productif et plus rentable.


Règles fournisseurs

Utilisez les règles fournisseurs pour automatiser l’imputation comptable des achats de vos clients.


Des données fiables

Dext vous permet d'automatiser la saisie et de synchroniser les écritures comptables avec le logiciel de comptabilité de votre choix.



Dext stocke vos données en ligne avec un cryptage de niveau bancaire, pour vous permettre d'y accéder de n'importe où.


Factures de vente

Importez, stockez et gérez les factures de vente depuis votre plateforme Dext Prepare.

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Presenting Dext’s first Product Showcase
April 08, 2021

Presenting Dext’s first Product Showcase

Join our Chief Product Officer, Spiros Theodossiou, and the Dext team as they present the latest updates as well as a sneak peek into what is coming for the rest of the year.

Dext’s latest Product Showcase
August 03, 2021

Dext’s latest Product Showcase

Presenting the latest addition to the Dext product suite, Dext Commerce. Join the team as they update you on our new product and the latest updates to Dext Prepare and Dext Precision.

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January 2022

Publish cost items with products and services in Dext Connect with your QuickBooks Desktop integration

CanadaDext ConnectPrepareQuickbooks DesktopUKUSA

Speed up and simplify your workflow. Better track your clients’ stock levels and profitability by product and service – showing you exactly what they can do to improve, grow and be more profitable.

Publish sales items as either Receipts or Credit notes in Dext Connect with your QuickBooks Desktop integration

CanadaDext ConnectPrepareQuickbooks DesktopUKUSA

Save time processing sales documents in QuickBooks Desktop. Minimize marking receipts and sales invoices after publishing by publishing sales credit notes through Dext Prepare.

Sage 50 Canada and Quickbooks Desktop Web Publishing

CanadaDext ConnectPrepareSage 50 CA

Use the Dext Connect App and your Sage 50 integration to publish an item through to your Dext Prepare web application. Multiple members of your team can use the app simultaneously and it’s even easier for users to work remotely with the integration.

December 2021

QuickBooks Client Flow Exports in Dext Precision

GlobalPrecisionQuickBooks Online

Share your progress with QuickBooks Online clients by exporting and sharing your workflows with Dext Precision. Previously only available for Xero clients, Flows can be exported to PDF and Excel using the Export button in the top right when viewing a Flow – the PDF export will display high level stats and any comments added for you to share with your client, while the Excel export contains more detail for discussions.

November 2021

New integrations for Dext Commerce

AmazonCommerceFaireNot on the High Street

Integrate with both Not on the High Street and Faire – making you the ideal accountant or bookkeeper for clients with independent boutique brands and products.

Dext Commerce now also works with all Amazon Seller Central regions globally, so you can offer your services to the growing number of businesses that sell on Amazon.

Health Score Over Time

GlobalHealth ScorePrecision

You can now view the change in the health of your clients’ books over time with Dext Precision’s new Health Score graph. This brand new chart on the Client Overview shows you historical Health Scores over the last days, weeks and months to see trends over time. Use the table view to export the data, and share with your clients the impact of your team’s hard work.

QuickBooks Online Deep Links

GlobalPrecisionQuickBooks Online

New QuickBooks Online deep links in Dext Precision allow you to view a transaction directly in QuickBooks with just a click. When a Check in Precision returns a list of results, just click ‘View in QuickBooks’ to be taken directly to the item in your GL, for faster data reviews and peace of mind.

Sales Credit Notes for Xero & QuickBooks Online

IntegrationPrepareQuickBooks OnlineWebXero

Sales Credit Notes in Dext Prepare allows you to push a negative Credit Note line through to Xero and QBO when automatically processing the uploaded sales item.

MYOB plan supported: Connected Ledger


MYOB has added Connected Ledger to their product. Dext allows users integrated with this plan to publish Cost items to Spend Money in MYOB.

October 2021

Sage50 Desktop Canada via Dext Connect

CanadaCosts WorkspaceIntegrationPrepareSage50Web app

Combine the functionality of desktop accounting with the speed and accuracy of the cloud by connecting Dext with Sage 50 Desktop through the Connect App.

Bulk Client Import in Dext Precision


Onboard Xero clients fast in Dext Precision with our new Bulk Client Import process. When importing Xero clients, you can select multiple clients at once, and use the new step to set client visibility and account managers for each one to save you even more time.

Enlarging grid results in Dext Precision


Dext Precision’s new grid enlargement feature allows you to see more data at once from any check card, so you can review transactions faster. You can also use the full-screen view to make the best use of our super-flexible grid features and sort, filter and pivot your way through the data.

UserVoice available in Dext Precision

GlobalPrecisionWeb app

Got the next great new idea? You can now make feature suggestions directly in Dext Precision! Just click ‘Resources’ at the top right of your screen to see our new Resources panel – alongside easy access to our training videos and content, select ‘Have Your Say’ to provide feature suggestions, and track them in our User Voice forum.

September 2021

Expense account review settings in Precision


Precision’s expense account review checks now have addtional customisation options to streamline your reviewing processes.

Products & Services for QuickBooks Online & Xero

Costs WorkspaceGlobalIntegrationPrepareQuickBooks OnlineWeb appXero

Track clients’ stock levels and the amount they spend on resources – so you can see exactly what they can do to improve, grow and be more profitable.

Direct Debit available for businesses


On top of using your Credit and Debit card to pay your subscription, businesses can also use Direct Debit. Switch between the two seamlessly from the subscription settings page.

Sales Receipts for QuickBooks Online

Costs WorkspaceGlobalPrepareSales WorkspaceWeb app

Publish Sales Receipts to QuickBooks Online and get completeness of your sales processes.

August 2021

OneDrive cloud storage integration

Costs WorkspaceGlobalPrepareSales WorkspaceWeb app

Automate your cloud storage with OneDrive. Set up automatic backup for all items in your Sales and Costs inboxes into organized folders in OneDrive.

Bulk Client Settings


Speed up team management in Precision with Bulk Client Settings – see and manage who has visibility in your team of each of your clients and assign account managers in a single view.

Understand the value of Dext when businesses purchase a new plan


New business customers get a full understanding of the latest offers and benefits available to them when they subscribe.

July 2021

Estimated VAT in Dext Precision – Previous period comparisons


For even greater peace of mind during your VAT Return Process, for our HMRC-connected clients, Dext Precision now provides the previous period value with a percentage change for your VAT calculation and Sales and Purchases excluding VAT.

Web app onboarding for clients

GlobalPrepareWeb app

Clients can get the best out of Dext Prepare with better onboarding by offering a clear, assistive web app experience that sets clients on a clear set-up journey.

ApprovalMax available as a secondary integration


Users with Xero and QBO can integrate with ApprovalMax and can send the entirety of their items into their main software, and those which require a sophisticated approval into ApprovalMax.

Extract notes for email-in


Get completeness of your submissions with email-in note extraction. Add a note to your email-in submission which will automatically be added to the item in Dext Prepare.

QuickBooks Desktop integration to allow secondary integration

GlobalIntegrationPrepareQuickbooks Desktop

Users who are integrated with Quickbooks Desktop can also integrate with additional software.

UserVoice available on iOS


In your Dext Prepare iOS app, you can now voice your product ideas and suggestions as well as vote for other Dext features using UserVoice.

UserVoice available on web app

GlobalPrepareWeb app

In your Dext Prepare web app, you can now voice your product ideas and suggestions as well as vote for other Dext features using UserVoice.

June 2021

New VAT Check Improvements


Speed up your VAT checks in Precision with our new Box 4 to Box 7 calculation to highlight VAT miscodings for HMRC-connected clients. For Xero users, deep links are now available for cash transactions.

Android In-App Purchase


Take out a subscription directly within the Android application enabling self-service directly on mobile.

Precision available with QuickBooks Online

AustraliaIntegrationPrecisionQuickBooks Online

Integrate your QuickBooks Online account with Precision getting better insights and error-free data.

Unreconciled Transactions for QuickBooks Online

IntegrationPrecisionQuickBooks OnlineUK

Get faster regular bookkeeping and Health Score accuracy with Unreconciled Transations in QuickBooks Online. These insights display a summary of the outstanding payments and deposits for the client with the ability to view additional detail for the outstanding payments and deposits for each bank account Precision can identify in QuickBooks Online.

New Resources Panel


Use our Resource panel to learn Dext basics, develop skills and connect with us at Dext.

May 2021

Sales Invoice Email-In

GlobalPrepareSales WorkspaceWeb app

Automate your submissions by using email to forward sales invoices to your sales workspace where they will automatically be extracted.

ABN Checks: Find ABN number


Automatically highlight all missing or invalid ABN numbers in your clients’ accounts, and identify any transactions with inconsistent tax rates. Precision will provide a list of suggested ABN matches from from the Australian Business Register that can be pushed to Xero.

Multi-Coded Contacts Exclusions


New customisation options in Multi-Coded Contacts will allow you to exclude some combinations of account and tax codes as standard for your clients.

Google Single Sign-On


You can sign up to Dext through our website using Single Sign-On to create your account using your Google information.

GoogleDrive cloud storage integration

Costs WorkspaceGlobalPrepareSales WorkspaceWeb app

Set up an automatic backup for all items in Sales and Costs inboxes and/or export all items from the archive into a neat selection of folders in GoogleDrive.

April 2021

Purchase Order Matching with QuickBooks Online and Xero

Costs WorkspaceGlobalPrepareQuickBooks OnlineWeb appXero

Work more efficiently and cut down the time spent matching purchase orders to cost items with QBO and Xero.

Dropbox cloud storage integration

Costs WorkspaceGlobalPrepareSales WorkspaceWeb app

Automate your cloud storage with Dropbox. Set up automatic backup for all items in your Sales and Costs inboxes into organized folders in Dropbox.

March 2021

Admin roles in Precision


Assign team members an ‘Admin’ role in your Precision team. Admins have the same permissions as Team Owners, but you can add as many Admins as you would like.

Last Bank Statement


Broken bank feeds and late statements can leave you behind on what’s really happening for your clients. Using Precision’s Bank Reconciliation check and the new Last Bank Statement Activity metric to ensure the bank account data in Xero is always up to date and fully reconciled, you can ensure you’re informed and in control of your client’s data.

Automerging for Suppliers

Costs WorkspaceGlobalPrepareWeb app

Prevent duplicate items in Dext Prepare with Automerging for Suppliers. You can now automatically merge items for a supplier that has the same date and total amount.

February 2021

Sage50 Desktop via Dext Connect

Costs WorkspaceIntegrationPrepareSage50UKWeb app

Speed up your data management by connecting Dext with Sage 50 Desktop through the Connect App.

ApprovalMax and QuickBooks Online integration

GlobalIntegrationPrepareQuickBooks OnlineWeb app

ApprovalMax has integrated with QBO and Dext to streamline your approval workflow before sending items to QBO.

January 2021

QBD via Dext Connect

Costs WorkspaceIntegrationPrepareQBDUKWeb app

Connect Dext to your client’s Quickbooks Desktop software to easily manage their finances, speed up your data management and work with more businesses without having to change your processes.

Sales Invoices for Sage accounting

PrepareSage AccountingSales WorkspaceUKWeb app

Add a sales invoice to Dext to automatically extract due date, invoice and tax information in minutes. Prepare your sales data to be published straight to Sage Accounting, without the need for manual entry.

Customer Rules

GlobalPrepareSales WorkspaceWeb app

Use Customer Rules to automatically categorise sales invoices by customers – more time, accuracy and data at your fingertips.

December 2020

Focus Daily Digest email


Focus, Precision’s workflow builder, now sends an email to Partners once a day if (only if) they have tasks requiring attention in Precision. This includes Repeating Flows that have become available to start, and Flows that have reached their due date or have become overdue, but are not complete. The preferences for the Focus Daily Digest email can be found in the User Settings area.

Custom Dates on Practice Dashboard


The Practice Dashboard always used to show data from the last complete month until now. The new Reporting Mode option ‘Custom Per Client’ will now show the data from each client’s custom reporting period in the Practice Dashboard, as set on the Client Overview. This means you’ll be seeing the data, and health score, most relevant to each client depending on the frequency at which you work with them.

Directors Loan Accounts


Map your Directors Loan Account codes in Precision and we’ll track them over time, and also alert you when the client has exceeded the threshold for that financial year. You can add this check to your Flow Templates in Focus, to include it in Health Checks, VAT checks and Year End processes

Suppliers & Supplier rules upload

Costs WorkspaceGlobalPrepareWeb app

Dext will automatically pull your Suppliers list from the software your account is integrated with. If you are using Dext with a non-integrated accounting platform you can populate it with your own suppliers using a .csv import.

Sales Invoices for Sage Accounting South Africa

PrepareSage AccountingSales WorkspaceSouth AfricaWeb app

Add a sales invoice to Dext to automatically extract due date, invoice and tax information in minutes. Prepare your sales data to be published straight to Sage Accounting, without the need for manual entry.