Make clients more profitable with Products & Services

Categorise expenses and invoices received into Products & Services. Helping you to better track your clients’ stock levels and the amount they spend – showing you exactly what they can do to improve, grow and be more profitable.

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What we’ve solved

Helping your clients keep track of stock levels and job costings is a key part of them becoming more profitable.

We’ve now added support for Products & Services on the Cost side for QuickBooks Online and Xero to help you give even greater support to your clients.

“Could you please support stock items in? In particular item detail for Product & Services on a receipt.

Our current process is to purchase from a supplier and put this into QBO/Xero as stock items. These stock items are then removed when an invoice is created and the items taken out of stock.”
Suggested improvement by a Dext Partner

Benefits you’ll see

Help clients make informed purchasing decisions with an up to date overview of stock and inventory levels

Ensure clients charge appropriately for work with a more accurate view of their job costings

Improve the efficiency of future projects by showing clients exactly where money is being spent

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Jeremy Lebot
Cabinet Lebot

Essayer c'est l'adopter

J’utilise Dext depuis 1 an et j’en suis très satisfait. Cela nous permet de gagner du temps grâce à la puissance de leur outil d’océrisation. Aujourd’hui je ne peux plus me passer de cet outils. Essayer c’est l’adopter.

Florent Souplet
CTN France

Appli intuitive pour les clients

En tant que cabinet comptable, nous apprécions que l'application soit très intuitive et offre une expérience utilisateur performante. Nos clients sont ravis et nous aussi.


Excellent outil

Dext est un excellent outil pour gagner du temps dans la saisie des factures (achats et ventes). Les factures sont déchiffrées rapidement et correctement. Une application sur mobile est aussi disponible, pratique lorsqu'on est en déplacement clientèle sans scanner. Dext évolue régulièrement pour être le plus complet possible.