Adding SKUs to Stripe Products

Adding SKUs to Stripe Products

Utilizing Metadata in Stripe

Greenback has the ability to collect metadata from Stripe products and route transactions accordingly. So, yes, Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) can be supported by Stripe Products!

Whether adding new products or updating existing ones using Stripe's Checkout integration, updating the product SKU as metadata in Stripe enables Greenback to recognize a SKU then assign it to your QuickBooks or Xero.

From the Stripe Dashboard:

  1. Click Products then the specific product that you are adding the SKU to (or "+ Add Product" if creating from scratch).

  1. Click "Edit metadata".

  1. Set the key to "sku" and the value to the product SKU itself.

Greenback scans your Stripe sales data, finds the SKU and shows it as part of your transaction on our app.

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