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Automatically categorise sales invoices with Customer Rules.

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What is a Customer Rule?

Automatically set tax rates, currencies and categories according to customers, helping you and your clients avoid costly errors and double-checking submissions – reducing the time spent processing predictable paperwork in the process.

Customer Rules

What are they, and how can I use them?

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Currency rules

Expand business internationally. Clients can serve more international customers more easily by saving time on processing transactions in multiple currencies.

Client integration

Regain full control of your client’s tax. Make it easier to ensure they pay the right amount of tax by accurately setting more tax rates by customer.

Single view

Streamline invoices from monthly customers. Set a default date for processing payment to regular customers to reduce the need for repetitive manual admin.

Take control

The easiest way to log important information. Business, capital expenditure – whatever it is, add the relevant description and retain the necessary context for the same categories of payments.

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