At Dext we strive to support accountants, bookkeepers, and small business owners worldwide to better collect and understand their financial data

Last Updated: September 2022

At Dext, we are committed to protecting the confidentiality, integrity and data availability of our information systems and our customers’ data. We are constantly improving our security controls and analysing their effectiveness to give you confidence in our solution.

What we’re here to do

As a leader in cloud accounting tools across the UK, APAC, US, Canada, and France, we’re passionate about advancing and improving the accounting process for all. We do this by building smart, scaleable day-to-day accounting solutions with an exceptional user experience that enhances the financial data workflow processes of accountants, bookkeepers, and businesses worldwide.

We believe that time is the greatest commodity a business can have, and no one should have to spend it doing manual data collection, manipulation, and error-spotting.

A bit about our history


Michael Wood trials a pre-accounting product with Receipt Farm which focuses on removing the hassle of receipts in the bookkeeping process. After discovering the company is shutting down, he and Alexis Prenn decide to purchase Receipt Farm. Six weeks later, Alexis & Michael change the company name to Receipt Bank and start developing the product around a kitchen table.


We started out by manually inputting data for our clients, but in 2011 we became the world’s first service to automate the collection and data extraction of receipts and expenses for accountants and their small business clients.


In 2012 we won our first award at Xerocon as ‘UK Add-on Partner of the Year’ and we did this with only 5 employees.


2014 was a big year for Receipt Bank! We opened offices in Australia, US, and Bulgaria and we had partners in over 10 countries.


Receipt Bank launched its practice platform and has 50+ employees.


In 2016 we raised our first funding round (Series A) from investors Kennet Partners. We also doubled our headcount and had 100+ employees.


2017 was another very big year for Receipt Bank. After raising our second funding round (Series B) from investors Insight Partners, we open offices in South Africa and France. We also triple our headcount and have 300+ employees.


This year we rebranded and updated to the current RB logo. We also opened our Canada office and reached 450+ employees.


At the start of 2020, we raised our third round of funding (Series C). We also had our first ever M&A and we welcomed the Xavier team to the Receipt Bank family!


Dext Day! Receipt Bank rebrands to Dext, renaming its products to Dext Prepare, Dext Precision, and shortly after, Dext acquires Greenback, which is later rebranded to Dext Commerce. Hg invests in Dext.


Dext launches Practice Insights, giving its Dext Prepare accountancy clients real-world insight into their practice.

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