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Products & Services with QuickBooks Online and Xero

Track clients’ stock levels and the amount they spend on resources – so you can see exactly what they can do to improve, grow and be more profitable.


Fast reconciliation

Email-in note extraction automatically detects notes in emails and adds them to the cost item – giving you the right information for faster reconciliation.


QuickBooks Online

Get cleaner data and powerful, portfolio-wide insights with Dext Precision’s integration with QuickBooks Online


Practice productivity

With Prepare, be more productive as your business's workflows become more complex.


Customer Rules

Automatically set tax rates, currencies and categories according to customers, giving you a clear view of sales performance in a fraction of the time.


Dext Homepage

Get faster insights in one dashboard from your Dext Homepage when you use Prepare and Precision together.


Supplier Rules

Automatically set tax rates, currencies and categories according to suppliers to avoid costly errors – and to save valuable time when processing predictable paperwork.



Automatically and accurately sort and categorise data saving your practice valuable hours every week.


Bank Match

Automate your transactions by matching them to items in your bank feed, saving time and effort.



Fetch suppliers, capture spend and categorise data automatically so you can access your clients’ data in an instant.


Data capture

Save time on manual data entry by syncing your bills, receipts, invoices, bank statements with accounting software.


Sales workspace

Get real-time sales data, saving you time when you submit your paperwork and review key payments.



Your data is secured with the best-in-class data encryption accessible from anywhere.

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Q1 2023

Dext Commerce: Amazon Seller Central Integrations

Dext CommerceIntegration

Dext Commerce now integrates with all Amazon Seller Central regions including Brazil, Egypt, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Turkey and the UAE.

Dext Commerce: New Integrations

Dext CommerceIntegration

Dext Commerce now integrates with OnBuy, Not On The High Street, Faire, BigCommerce, Klarna and Prestashop

Dext Prepare: Split line items and apply tax codes for FreeAgent

Dext PrepareFreeAgentIntegration

Within Dext Prepare,  split invoices and receipts into line items and apply tax codes before sending them to FreeAgent. This will reduce the need for additional edits in FreeAgent and allow for more detailed accounting.

Dext Prepare: Default item type for QBO

Dext PrepareIntegrationQuickBooks Online

Remove the repetitive task of setting the item type for multiple sales items. Now, QBO users can choose a default item type to be applied to all of their sales items.

Dext Prepare: Publishing Sales items to Xero as paid

Dext PrepareIntegrationSales WorkspaceXero

Publish sales items as paid from Dext Prepare to Xero. Mark the item as paid and associate it with the right bank account to reduce additional work in Xero. Together with customer rules, you can get further automation to your sales workflow.