Imagine hiring a team member that never goes on holiday or takes sick days. That’s Dext.

Simplify entry, storing and processing of data to make life easier for you and your clients.

User-friendly tools that save time and money

No more endless checking or looking for client paperwork. Gather and process business records via a single accounting platform.

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Why Dext?

In today's fast paced world businesses need simplicity. Dext streamlines dealing with receipts and invoices by helping your clients share their information with you quickly and hassle free and our best in market OCR technology ensures you never have to manually enter anything.

Prepare finances easily

Save hours chasing clients for purchase invoices. Fetch is easy to set up. You just need login credentials of your supplier like Amazon and can fetch all the items - a day, week or the entire history.


Assign and categorise codes by setting up supplier rules. Save time and tax deductibles for your clients.

Label every line item

Extract, categorise data and label each line item with Smart Items.

Clarify tax info

Divide tax payable and reclaimable expenses by description, nominal code or percentage with Smart Split.

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Chase missing records

Reduce clutter in your mailbox. Remind your clients about any outstanding paperwork via our client app to get information quickly.

Match bank costs

Connect to your client’s business bank account to reconcile costs.

Client dashboard

Monitor your team’s workload and client performance via a single dashboard. Create bookkeeping productivity reports to better allocate resources. Reduce the workload of your team to let them help more clients.

Collaborate in real time

Get key information faster and avoid surprises ahead of important deadlines. Avoid going back-and-forth via email and receive updates and clarifications from clients in real time.

Building your tech stack has never been easier

Dext integrates with all major accounting software providers, meaning you can use Dext Prepare and Precision at the heart of your accounting and bookkeeping workflows. Get in touch if you can’t see the software you’re using on the list.

Plus d’un million d’utilisateurs dans le monde nous font confiance

Dext est la plateforme essentielle pour gagner du temps sur votre pré-comptabilité. Compatible avec l’ensemble des logiciels de comptabilité, vous pouvez travaillez avec vos outils habituel, en étant plus efficace ! En savoir plus

Jeremy Lebot

Expert-Comptable - Cabinet Lebot

J’utilise Receipt Bank depuis 1 an et j’en suis très satisfait. Cela nous permet de gagner du temps grâce à la puissance de leur outil d’océrisation. Aujourd’hui je ne peux plus me passer de cet outils. Essayer c’est l’adopter.

Jeremy Lebot

Florence Geminien

Expert-Comptable - Fiduciaire EC

“Ça fait pratiquement déjà deux ans que nous avons mis en place cet outil au cabinet et je m’en félicite tous les jours !! Que des aspects positifs à retenir et une plate-forme en constante évolution. Outils simple d’utilisation qui plaît autant aux collaborateurs qu’aux clients. Bravo à toute l’équipe.”

Florence Geminien