Bookkeeping made easy

Dext Prepare gives you all the tools you need to capture, upload and access your important documents.

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Get your business financially fit

Instead of wasting hours each month on manual bookkeeping tasks, Dext Prepare does them for you. Important information is analysed and extracted through an easy-to-use app – meaning your receipts are ready to scan in seconds, and your accounting software can be updated in minutes.

  • Snap it

    Snap paper receipts, invoices or bank statements in one click. And by connecting your account with PayPal, Amazon and more than 1,400 suppliers, you won’t have to worry about missing paperwork. Bookkeeping made easy.

  • Send it

    Instead of manually copying each line of your receipts, bills, invoices or bank statements into your bookkeeping software, Dext Prepare analyses and extracts the important information so you don’t have to. Say goodbye to duplicates and hours of data entry

  • Sorted

    We’ll automatically sort your bookkeeping data by tax, supplier and region. Sync your bank account or upload a PDF of your statement to reconcile, and export all your data in a spreadsheet or .CSV format.

A suite of tools that all add up

  • Instant access

    Integrate your accounting software in minutes. Instantly access your important information and save valuable time every single month – no need for double entry.

  • Real-time updates

    Sync your sales invoices, bank transactions and business expenses to unlock the most up-to-date picture of your business finances.

  • A plan for everyone

    Whether you’re a sole trader, self-employed or have a growing team of staff, we’ve got an affordable plan to suit your business needs.

  • Accountant ready

    If you work with an accountant or bookkeeper, give them access to the relevant parts of your Dext account to help them take the stress out of month-end.

  • Expenses made easy

    Create, complete and approve expense reports in seconds. Appoint team members to approve employee expenses to make sure nothing is missed.

  • Tax preparation

    Process your bills, invoices and receipts for tax season with best-in-class data extraction – meaning you pay the right amount of tax while remaining compliant, too.

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Data extracted, effortlessly

Dext Prepare goes beyond simply converting documents into digital text – one quick photo and the app’s award-winning OCR technology analyses, understands and organises the data for you.

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Bank statements, processed

With Bank Statement Extraction, just upload a PDF and we’ll extract the information from every transaction and return the data to you. Premium users also get access to Line Item Extraction, with Prepare extracting individual purchases listed on receipts, bills and invoices automatically.

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Seamless integrations

With Dext Prepare, you can sync your bills, receipts, invoices, bank statements and more with your chosen accounting software. We work with all major providers, including Xero and QuickBooks, as well as with desktop accounting platforms via Dext Connect and tools like Zapier.

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Automate your invoices

Use Fetch to automatically collect your bills and invoices from supplier websites. Dext Prepare automatically check eachs of your authorised suppliers once a week and adds any new documentation straight to the inbox.

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Expense more, pay less

Add financial records in a few clicks to help you and your team save time on logging data, finding paperwork and more. Create, complete and approve expense reports in next to no time, and then automate the publishing process entirely.

Trusted by 450,000+ businesses globally

Dext is the one app you need to stay on top of your business finances. Companies like yours use our platform every day, helping them reduce admin anxiety, save money and free up time to do what they do best.

“Every question I have has an answer in the community somewhere. And if not, you can ask, and it won't be long before someone shares a solution."

Jackie NewmanYorkshire Enterprises

“Our services evolve constantly. As the era of providing just compliance starts to die, the question now is: ‘what can we do for clients, on top of filing the tax return?”

Ryan PearcyScruttonbland

“The auto-scanning has really transformed the way we work. One picture and everything is filled out for you. It means we are able to expense more.”

Thierry SequeiraMassive Rocks

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