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Introducing the multi account platform. We simplify franchise accounting, whether that’s for businesses owners, accountants, advisors and more.

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Who’s it for?

Business owners with several companies

International companies operating in different countries

Internal accountants within a company with multiple entities

External consultants and financial advisors

The full financial picture

In the past, managing all your businesses, entities and accounts meant having multiple logins. Now, you can access a real-time view of your business data in one place, with one single email and password.

Effortlessly switch between accounts

Jump between your accounts, businesses or entities in a few simple clicks. Everything is visible and accessible in one dashboard, so there’s no time wasted opening new tabs and separate pages. If you’ve also got existing Dext accounts, you can easily migrate them to this platform without losing any data.

Assess performance across the board

With everything you manage in one place, you can assess the performance of each entity and see where work needs to be done. This extra layer of insight is perfect for multiple business owners – especially franchises. With robust franchise accounting, you can benchmark your projects against each other and forecast more effectively.

Dedicated support

We offer a consultation process before you sign up, so you can find out all you need to know before making things official. You’ll also be led through the onboarding process, step by step, and have access to ongoing support throughout your journey.

Integrate in minutes

Setting up every account can be time-consuming and confusing. Luckily, getting started with The Multi Account Platform is seamless. We integrate with all major accounting softwares and pull data from over 1,400 suppliers – so you can have all your accounts up and running in a matter of minutes.

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“The auto-scanning has really transformed the way we work. One picture and everything is filled out for you. It means we are able to expense more, and in a more efficient manner, so we save money that way.”

Ashley Panter


“I feel like I can do so much more. For example, I’ve linked my email address so all of my Amazon orders are automatically uploaded and processed. All I need to do is check over them and they’re ready to go – it saves me so much time.

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