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The easiest way to manage your business finances, with all the tools you need to stay in control of your cash flow - without wasting hours.

The right tool for right now

Data entry, keeping track of invoices, paying the right amount of tax; juggling all of this alongside trying to build your business isn't easy. Or it wasn't - until now. Check out this video to see how you can start winning back time and money to focus on what really matters.

"The auto-scanning has really transformed the way we work. One picture and everything is filled out for you. It means we are able to expense more."

Thierry SequeiraFounder, Massive Rocket

Streamline, win back time - and then save money

Dext’s platform helped start-up A Box of Stories streamline its accounting practices, saving the business both time and money in previously-unclaimed tax relief each month. Here’s how.

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A suite of tools that all add up

Dext Prepare is built to help start-ups get in control of their business finances within minutes. All those late nights shouldn't be spent on financial admin that can be handled in minutes - and save you several hours every single month.

  • Upload

    Use our one-click photo upload and connect with PayPal, Amazon, Ebay, Tripcatcher, Mailchimp and over 1,400 suppliers to easily upload your invoices. The easiest way to expense more, and pay less tax.
  • Extract

    We extract all the important information from your documents and store it in one place. Say goodbye to duplicates and hours of data entry and unlock better control over your finances.
  • Integrate

    Connect your accounting software in minutes. We work with anybody - think Xero, Quickbooks, Sage and more - so you can too.
  • Manage

    The only app that lets you upload, track and pay invoices from the same place. The simplest way to stay on top of your cash flow, giving you better control over business finances.

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