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Tracking expenses wherever, whenever

You can connect your FreeAgent account with Dext in just a few simple steps. Once you do, all you need to do is take a photo, email, or digitally upload it, and we’ll pull all your important info into a single dashboard to give you a clear view of your business finances.


FreeAgent, meet Dext

Here’s how we helped businesses like yours take control of their finances. Combining automated publishing and transaction matching Dext can save your business time and money. That’s what our platform and its integration with FreeAgent is built to do. Simply connect your account and Dext will do the rest. Your financial information is securely transferred to FreeAgent, meaning that you will no longer have to waste all those hours manually updating your records. Instead, you’ll be able to access a clearer view of your business finances to make it easier for you to plan for the future.

Time for what’s important

The time you used to spend trying to find the right receipt, updating monthly spreadsheets, or processing expense reports? You’ve just gained it back. With Dext, your business can synchronise contacts, supplier codes, projects, and payment methods in a simple, seamless manner – giving you more time to focus on what matters: running your business.

Data capture

All your essential information, captured in a snap and then organised with our award-winning technology. Say goodbye to paper receipts and hello FreeAgent friendly data in an instant.

Drag & drop

Using FreeAgent and Dext is the best way to organize expense reports. Forward PDFs to your personalized Dext email or drag and drop directly into the app, ready to publish.


The Match feature automatically identifies expenses in FreeAgent that don’t have an attached image. You can then attach a corresponding photo from Dext with just one click.

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