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Don’t let manual processes slow you down. Discover the tools you need to capture, upload and access all your important documents with our award-winning bookkeeping software.

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I’m an accountant or bookkeeper

For specialists in finance. Whether you’re an accountant, bookkeeper, firm member or sole practitioner, our bookkeeping software is here to help.

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For business owners looking to simplify their business finances. Our platform is straightforward so you can manage your finances all by yourself.

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Save hours on the stuff that used to slow you down. With our award-winning accounting software, you can start adding more value to your business.

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Brittany Ambler
Xero review

Functional, simple and effective

Using Dext with Xero has been a great way of streamlining and improving processing. Clients understand the software easily and it makes everyone using it save time on the mundane.

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Ryan Pearcy

Our services evolve constantly. As the era of providing just compliance starts to die, the question now is: ‘what can we do for clients, on top of filing the tax return?

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Ashley Panter

I feel like I can do so much more. For example, I’ve linked my email address so all of my Amazon orders are automatically uploaded and processed.