Optimise accounting workflows with the Dext Homepage

The Dext homepage on Dext Prepare provides a central hub for efficient financial document management. It offers easy access to documents, data extraction, categorisation, and more. The homepage simplifies workflows, enhances accuracy, and supports effective financial organisation for businesses, accountants and bookkeepers.


How can the Dext Homepage help your firm and clients?

Efficient workflow

The homepage centralises document access and tasks, reducing time spent searching for files. Your firm can process documents swiftly, enhancing overall efficiency.

Data extraction

Integrated data extraction tools automatically capture key information from uploaded documents, reducing manual data entry and enhancing accuracy.


The homepage enables efficient categorisation of documents into relevant expense types or categories, facilitating organised financial tracking.

Enhanced accuracy

Users can exchange notes, comments, and updates directly within the platform, fostering clear communication between your firm and clients.

Benefits of the Dext Homepage for Your Firm and Clients

Streamlined Document Management and Enhanced Collaboration

Efficient Document Management and Accuracy

  • Streamlined Workflow: Centralises document storage and retrieval, saving time and enhancing efficiency.
  • Precise Data Handling: Integrated data extraction ensures accurate information capture for informed decision-making.

Collaboration and Personalisation

  • Transparent Communication: Facilitates real-time interaction through document comments, improving collaboration.
  • Tailored Experience: Customisable homepage reinforces branding and delivers a personalised touch to clients.

Connect Dext Prepare to your accounting software

Whether you're using Xero, QBO, Sage or another provider, Dext products connect seamlessly with the world's leading accounting software. Dext Prepare can help your business automate your everyday financial operations, giving your business the platform to grow.

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