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Time you’re wasting manually getting data from receipts, invoices and bank statements into accounting software


Value of WIP saved by using Dext

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Dext data March 2021 based on a time saving of 90s per item submitted when compared with manual data entry. WIP calculations assume an hourly charge out rate of R700 and typical volume of document submissions based on a Dext user average.

Prepare client finances faster, for less

Without Dext

2 mins

Processing time for one receipt

Problems with manual processing:

4x longer

Risk of human error

Less time and data for insights

Unscalable as you grow

Drowning in software

With Dext

30 secs

Processing time for one receipt

Benefits in automatic processing:

4x faster

Close to 100% accuracy

Real-time insights for up to date insights

Simplify workflows as you grow

Integrates with industry software

What Dext users are saying

An absolute must have for commission earners. Dext allows us to process receipts and invoices digitally accurately and with minimal input required. This frees up our time and allows us to spend our time performing meaningful tasks rather than just data entry. Its become a standard tool that we offer clients

Andre Foster Black


Love using Dext! It’s an essential part of our tech stack. One of the primary tools in ensuring document storage, processing and provides information in a user friendly and precise way.

Athena Duma


Dext is a cloud-based accounting software program that is designed specifically to manage your companies documentation. It has an amazing user interface and support are always happy to help when needed.

Bionic Accounting

Bloom and Associates Inc

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s Dext?

    We make accountants, and the businesses they advise, more productive, profitable and powerful with better data and insight through our Prepare and Precision products.

  • What’s Dext Prepare?

    Dext Prepare (formerly Receipt Bank) helps you prepare client accounts, make bookkeeping profitable, and free up your best people. It’s the same hours saving software to automatically fetch, categorise and publish data, used by over 1 million people.

  • What’s Dext Precision?

    Dext Precision gives you trust in your data by spotting errors before they become a problem. It’s also the same award-winning assurance, with client dashboards and HealthScore checks.

  • Can I use Prepare and Precision together?

    Yes, if you use Prepare and Precision together, you’ll get a new, single view dashboard with client data from both products together in one place to help provide quicker client insights.

  • How does Dext actually work?

    Dext works by providing your clients with an app where they can upload their receipts, invoices and other expense items directly to you. We’ll automatically process those items and, using OCR (optical character recognition) and templating technology, extract the information from them as visible data in an electronic and easy-to-manage format.

  • How much does Dext cost?

    Dext offers a number of different pricing options so you can choose one that suits you best. To find out more about pricing, speak to us today.

  • Does Dext integrate with accounting software?

    Yes, Dext offers seamless integration with Xero and other major cloud accounting platforms. You can connect your accounts in a matter of seconds, and then you’ll be able to publish any of your financial documents to the platform instantly, removing the need to manually copy any data across yourself.

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