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Don’t let manual processes slow you down. Discover the tools you need to capture, upload and access all your important documents with our award-winning bookkeeping software.

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I’m an accountant or bookkeeper

For specialists in finance. Whether you’re an accountant, bookkeeper, firm member or sole practitioner, our bookkeeping software is here to help.

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I’m a business owner

For business owners looking to simplify their business finances. Our platform is straightforward so you can manage your finances all by yourself.

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Save hours on the stuff that used to slow you down. With our award-winning accounting software, you can start adding more value to your business.

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Coral McGuire
Dext user
Saves me a ton of time! Helped keep documents sorted & organized and easily accessible for a recent tax audit.
Dext user
Time-saving, this is a must with any business as it does the boring work for you!
Dext user
Facilitates straight through processing of expenses and saves time and energy on filing tasks. Would highley recommend.