Automated accounting software for hospitality

Hospitality accounting has had an upgrade

Whether you run a restaurant, pub or café, we know how much of your time is taken up by delivering a good experience for your customers. So much so, that you may struggle with finding the time to keep up with bookkeeping and accounting work.

Say goodbye to long days of data entry. Dext Prepare can be used for bookkeeping automation and expense management for any hospitality business. Have more space to run and grow your business while our tool takes care of manual accounting processes.

Helping you save time and money, whilst growing your business

Saving time in any business is vital, but even more so for hospitality businesses. Dext Prepare is a tool for small businesses, helping to extract, store and process accounting data in real time, accurately and efficiently. Our leading accounting tool has helped a wide range of hospitality businesses with expense tracking and successful financial management.

Perform accounting tasks faster - even during business peak seasons

Our advanced automation technology means big time saving when it counts, such as during peak season of your business. Replacing manual human data entry can save your business money and time, using humans for the important stuff, such as serving and delighting your customers.

Simplify managing all of your expenses and invoices

Do you struggle with keeping track of multiple formats of invoices from your clients or suppliers? Dext Prepare digitises your expense paperwork for you, creating electronic invoices. Whether your clients or suppliers are sending you invoices, receipts or bank statements they can be sent to you in real-time via Dext Prepare.

Benefits if you run multiple businesses or multiple events

If you own several businesses or run multiple events, you are able to split your invoices and allocate the specific associated business cost to keep track of different businesses or events. Get total oversight of your business or events costs and create custom reports to see what you can optimise.

Platform that supports you working on the go

When working in the hospitality industry, you want to spend time building and developing relationships with your clients and employees. Dext Prepare is as mobile as you, allowing you to do your accounting as you go. Whether you want to snap photos of your expenses, email multiple invoices or send reports — you can, all from your fingertips.

Simplify how you capture and use your data

Streamline the process of collating and getting your data into your accounting software. Once your data has been captured, you can use that data to create bespoke reports that drive better-informed and more productive development conversations around your hospitality business.

Connect Dext Prepare with your accounting software

Dext Prepare offers over 30 integrations and supports over 11,500 banks and institutions. Meaning you can use Dext Prepare at the heart of your hospitality accounting and bookkeeping workflows. Streamline your accounting processes with Dext Prepare's easy integrations.

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Bookkeeping tasks take time away from the things that help your business grow. With Dext Prepare, you can snap, extract and analyse the data you need. So you gain control and confidence when it comes to your figures, without being slowed down.

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