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Streamline expense management with Dext’s Receipt Automation App

Our receipt automation app, Dext Receipt Scanner App, provides a powerful solution for businesses to seamlessly digitise, organise, and manage their receipts, offering a streamlined approach to expense tracking and financial record-keeping.

Our receipt automation tool, explained

The Dext Receipt Scanner App is a cutting-edge tool designed to simplify the process of digitising and managing receipts. It allows users to convert paper receipts into a digital format, making it easier to track, categorise, and integrate expenses into accounting systems.

Time and Cost

Manual data entry is time-consuming and prone to errors. Receipt scanning automates this process, saving valuable time and resources that can be allocated to more strategic tasks.

Streamlined Financial

Centralised and digital repository for all receipts. Ensuring that receipts are easily accessible and organised, making it simpler to review, categorise, and integrate them into financial reports.

Accurate Expense

The app's OCR technology ensures accurate data extraction from receipts, lessening errors in expense reporting. This accuracy leads to more reliable financial reports.

Centralise your invoices and expense reports on Dext, 
our all-in-one platform

How to send your invoices and other documents to Dext

  • Dext Prepare’s expense management platform offers you 9 different methods to collect, digitise and centralise your paperwork for effortless bookkeeping: mobile app, drag & drop, email, invoice fetch and more.
  • Everybody’s favourite? Dext’s receipt scanner app! Simply snap a photo of your receipt or invoice and submit it in seconds.

4 good reasons to choose Dext Prepare:

Save time every day:

Save hours each month by streamlining data entry, reconciliation, and categorisation. Just scan the documents you need with a quick photo using the app and let technology do the rest. Take the time back to focus on your business.

Optimise expense report management:

Facilitate real-time submission of expense reports by employees. Whether they are on a business trip or dining out, there's no need to worry about managing currencies or duplicating document submissions.

Enjoy real-time accounting:

Centralise all your documents on Dext (invoices, expense reports, bank statements, receipt data etc.) for more effective communication with your accountant. This provides better visibility into your expenses and the financial health of your business.

Store data securely:

As the best bookkeeping app in the market, Dext receipt app ensures your data is safely stored using bank-level encryption and fully GDPR compliant. This gives you peace of mind, ensures no documents get lost and everything is easily accessed if you need.

How automated receipt scanning can help you

Receipt scanning eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing the risk of errors that often accompany manual processes. It accelerates the expense tracking workflow, saving time and ensuring accurate automated data extraction.

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