What does Dext Precision do?

The best reports come from data you can trust. Dext Precision takes all of the data you or your client have fed into Xero or QuickBooks Online and alerts you to any discrepancies, so you know you’re starting from a place of accuracy. Plus it’s loaded with features to improve insights, workflow and more.

Step 1

Dext Precision gives you data you know you can trust, plus it’s loaded with features to improve insights, workflow and more.

Step 2

It alerts you to any discrepancies, including missing and bad data.

Dext Precision App
Step 3

You create your reports, knowing you’re starting from a place of accuracy.

Clean, reliable data

Get instant alerts to discrepancies such as missing and bad data, as well as being able to track changes and complete back-checks.

Real time insights

Accurate figures available in real time, with the ability to turn them into reports, enables your team to offer clients more valuable advisory services.

Client Health Scores

Data Precision’s Health Score lets you see the true state of a client’s data, so you can price based on the data you have to work with – including any gaps you need to fill.

Activity dashboards

Everything you need in one place: cleanup metrics, Health Scores, dates, tags, and Client sales activity.

Efficient workflows

Customise workflows to your needs, then assign them to team members. Create templates and repeat flows, and schedule them to run as often as you need.

Stay up to date, easily

Integrating seamlessly with both Xero and QuickBooks Online and, once you’ve imported a client, Dext Precision automatically updates their data every 24 hours.

The data you need to get closer to clients

By arming you with the data and insights you need to tackle your client’s work, Dext Precision enables you to price it correctly and deliver it swiftly.

More than this, the efficiency it provides frees up your team’s time to provide your clients with the kind of support that’s more valuable. Support based on real insight, helping to make both of your businesses more successful.

Dext Precision overview dashboard

What our clients say

Russell Frayne
Head of UK Digital Accounting Solutions IT, Azets Group

One platform, multiple benefits

Having Dext Prepare and Precision together under one familiar brand, providing data capture and data quality, allows us to seamlessly work in a single platform. Without having to unnecessarily bolt multiple softwares together, we now have a consistent core of products that we can use throughout our business.