Advance accounting practices with accounting automation software

We know your time is valuable. Managing multiple clients, organising paper receipts, and navigating year-end and tax season. Our accounting automation software is here to optimise your routine accounting tasks, so you can focus on bigger things.

What can Dext do for your firm and clients?

Bookkeeping automation for efficiency

World class reliable data extraction and automation makes collecting and coding client transaction data a breeze.

One platform for your team and clients

Dext can handle invoices, expenses, bank data and more. Captured, coded and sent where you need it to be, for all of your clients.

Insights worth their weight in gold

Create better outcomes for your clients, and your practice; Dext turns bookkeeping data into powerful insights.

Visibility, Control & Peace of Mind

Dext gives you the data you need to manage resource, meet deadlines and provide the service your clients deserve. 

Trusted by accountants and bookkeepers worldwide

Manage your practice and client data with ease

Dext accounting automation software extracts data from invoices, bank statements, and electronic statements using receipt scanning software (OCR Technology). This saves time and reduces errors associated with manual data entry.

Greater bookkeeping efficiency, integration & data quality

  • Bookkeeping data capture and coding made simple with flexible submission methods and superior speed and accuracy
  • Integrations and deep links to all the accounting software tools your clients use
  • Data quality control Intelligent checks to ensure client data is accurate, clean and reliable
  • Actionable Insights on demand for your clients and your practice 

Improved accounting processes and productivity

  • Visibility and control over key data metrics for your clients and team
  • Supercharge the jobs you already do with automation that works how you need it to
  • Deep Insights across the full accounting cycle to develop happy clients and a profitable firm
  • Create the resource and capacity you need to build the firm you want to have, and your clients deserve

Our range of products cater to every unique accounting need

By leveraging Dext Prepare, Dext Precision or Dext Commerce, you can use our accounting automation software to streamline workflows, improve data accuracy, and efficiently manage financial processes for your clients.

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