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Client data from Dext Prepare and Precision, ready to view in one place.

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Supercharge your insights

Get deeper insights into your client's data with Dext Prepare and Precision together. See the distribution of your clients across both products, and sync clients in a few clicks.

Clear and connected

Use the Dext Homepage to quickly access your client accounts in Dext Prepare and Precision. See which client needs your attention at a glance, and use the dashboard metrics to identify outstanding tasks.

Track accounting flows

Check the status of your Flows, and see how many outstanding tasks are left to complete. Easily track which Flows are nearing their due date, and go straight to Dext Precision to complete the remaining checks.

Dext accountants

Improve your client HealthScore

Get a snapshot of your average HealthScore across your clients, and see which clients need immediate work. Use Dext Precision checks to improve your HealthScore and track progress over time.

Why try Dext Prepare?

Combine real time accurate data with practice productivity tools. Dext Prepare extracts every line of data from any receipt or invoice, bank statement and over 1,400 suppliers. Connect client bank accounts to match costs, auto-categorise by supplier, request paperwork in-app to avoid the paperchase and so much more.

Dext accountants

Why try Dext Precision?

Precision is the ultimate data toolkit for Xero (and Quickbooks) users. It guarantees error-free data and proactive insights, helping you quickly understand the state of a client’s books with an Instant Health Score. Upskill your practice and become a for your clients, increasing revenue through more billable advisory to grow your business.

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Trusted by 1 million users globally

Dext makes accountants, bookkeepers, and the businesses you advise more productive, profitable, and powerful through better data and insight. As your practice grows, workflows become more complex. Client expectations increase, and timelines get squeezed. Empower your team with insights into your clients’ finances and workflow.

“Saves me a ton of time! Helped keep documents sorted & organized and easily accessible for a recent tax audit.”

Coral McGuire - Dext user