Case Study: Ricky Duquette, Rickyel Solution de Gestion

Specialist in the implementation of accounting and bookkeeping software, Rickyel Solution de Gestion needed to eliminate time-consuming manual data entry and open up capacity to help more clients. Co-founder Ricky Duquette found a way to save up to four hours per client and increase revenue by 10%.

Meet Ricky Duquette

A graduate in accounting from Cégep de Saint-Jérôme and former teacher, Ricky Duquette has over 20 years of experience with Acomba, as well as an advanced certification on QuickBooks Online. In 2003, he co-founded Rickyel Solution de Gestion with his associate Riel Leblanc. 

Based in Montreal, the firm goes beyond regular bookkeeping services, also providing business owners and self-employed professionals with specialist support on accounting software and QuickBooks Online training throughout Québec. 


Searching for the must-have addition to the perfect tech stack

Rickyel Solution de Gestion carefully analyzes each client’s needs and objectives before recommending the ideal tech stack, and then offers training and technical support as needed. A true cloud champion, Ricky and his team need to ensure they select the best apps that can serve as many clients as possible whilst also integrating with each other.

One of the most common issues Ricky identified across different businesses was the displacement of important documents. When business owners have so much to focus on, losing receipts and invoices can happen – which can cause delays and jeopardize deadlines for tax-filing.

Then there’s the data extraction. Manually typing expense information into spreadsheets takes a lot of time and is prone to human error. So finding a solution that ticked all the boxes was critical for Ricky to continue to support their clients and grow the firm.


Enter Dext Prepare

The first benefit Ricky noticed when he implemented Dext Prepare for his clients was the fact they were no longer losing paperwork. As they can easily snap a picture of receipts or invoices with their phone and instantly upload it into Prepare, missing data is now a problem of the past.

“Dext Prepare is a brilliant virtual file cabinet holder”, he smiles. 

The time saved from manual data entry is a game-changer for effective bookkeeping. By automating this process, Ricky saves around 4 hours per client. That allows him to acquire and onboard more customers – exactly what we wanted from technology.

“So essentially, out of 5 hours we would spend inputting data manually, Prepare gets it done in one. That’s time we can utilize towards other priorities for our clients and our company”. 

For Ricky, Prepare is an essential component of his everyday onboarding process alongside QuickBooks. His firm recommends the software to all customers to save time and make life easier by uploading expense documents on one platform – which is safely stored and can be easily accessed at any time. 

The wide array of features is also explored, to ensure they make the most out of Prepare. His team especially enjoy the notification feature, as they’re able to chat with customers in real-time, as well as the supplier rules, where everything is pre-entered and precoded.


When time really is money

The hours Rickyel Solution de Gestion saves every week by using Dext Prepare are invested in growing the company. Ricky Duquette and his team now have time to dedicate to other parts of the business, such as tech stack advice and training, his expertise. Acquiring and onboarding new clients is also easier – and, with it, increasing revenue.

“The customers I onboard using Prepare result in a 10% revenue increase for my firm”, he says.

No more shoeboxes filled with receipts, lost invoices, or hassle with bank statements. More time to be proactive and happier clients. Montreal’s accounting and bookkeeping tech specialist couldn’t have chosen better.

“I would love to see more businesses using Dext Prepare, it’s a life-changer. You need to know what Dext is and you need to install Prepare.” 

About Dext Prepare

Manual bookkeeping is time-consuming and prone to mistakes. Dext Prepare is a market-leading automated data extraction tool that helps you deliver consistent, quality bookkeeping work that’s always in line with compliance, so you can stay ahead of client deadlines. Without manual data entry, there’s more room for you to add value and provide business-changing advice that allows you to scale yours at the same time.

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