Data Is Power – But Only If It’s Actionable

Here’s a scenario: you have several clients missing paperwork. Your team needs to spend time chasing them, which results in delays and, by extension, accumulated workload. The practice’s efficiency is affected, but you can’t track independent performances. It gets harder and harder to meet clients’ needs due to the backlog of work, which increases risk and threatens the firm’s reputation. Ultimately, acquiring new clients and growing revenue sounds like a distant dream.

Does this sound like a nightmare… or perhaps even relatable?

Accounting and bookkeeping firms are tasked with an ever-growing backlog of work, making it difficult to quickly identify and address issues. As your business grows, it becomes even more challenging to track individual clients’ bookkeeping performance to improve recoverability, strengthen relationships and help them grow.

Understanding the jobs to be done within your firm and spotting opportunities to optimise capacity is a crucial step to bringing in more clients – but how can you improve your workflow if you can’t identify the issues within?

Dext Prepare already takes up the daunting, manual work whilst giving 99%+ accuracy, saving firms up to 5.5 hours per client, per month. This process generates a lot of interesting data – knowing how to interpret that data, however, is a whole different story. This can, sometimes, get a bit overwhelming.

Getting better insights and actionable data means you can more effectively allocate resources and track the performance of your team, as well as ensure your clients’ paperwork is up-to-date and accurate. It gives you the confidence to take initiative and make the right calls at the right time. After all, data is knowledge and knowledge is power – but only if you act on it.

How can I find better insights and actionable data?

So here’s the good news: Dext Prepare will help you get there.

We’re bringing you a new and improved space that will give you a full overview of your firm’s bookkeeping activity within Dext Prepare with smarter, actionable data. This extra layer of detail will add value when assessing client efficiency, pricing new ones and seeing where work needs to be improved. You’ll also be able to easily track jobs to be done, allocate work, align client work with your own KPIs and deliver more meaningful insights for your team.

You’ll have relevant data that doesn’t take hours to understand, and full sight of information that was previously unseen.

Book a demo with one of the Dext team and see Practice Insights in action.

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