How Gecko Bookkeeping Achieved 60% Reduction in Manual Data Entry With Dext Prepare

About Gecko Bookkeeping

Gecko Bookkeeping is part of the esteemed The Gecko Group, a renowned Australian cloud solutions company. They specialise in helping businesses digitise every aspect of their operations – from marketing to e-commerce, HR and of course, bookkeeping. 

They’re a prime example of how cloud accounting specialists can pioneer a seamless approach to finding the best cloud solutions across various departments. Gecko Bookkeeping believes that the accounting process should be “simple, efficient and accurate” – and so do we. 

That’s why we spoke with Director Olivia Story to learn more about their experience with Dext Prepare.

Gecko Bookkeeping team

The Challenge 

Since business transactions can be so dynamic and fast-paced, even seasoned cloud specialists like Gecko Bookkeeping face hurdles.

“My trades as well as my professional clients were having to try and coordinate to get their actual documents, and then get them to us in a timely manner”, Olivia explains. 

But it wasn’t just a matter of getting the documents. The struggle was more nuanced, encompassing both practical difficulties and compliance risks of manually handling financial data. The frustrations and inefficiencies reached comical proportions at times. 

“One of our clients literally dropped a wok into the office, an actual frying pan with the lid on, and all these receipts were in this wok. He said it was the only thing he could get”, she recounts. The necessity for a robust solution was evident, and the search was on for something that could align with their needs. Such anecdotes highlight the cumbersome nature of the process the team was dealing with.

With challenges laid bare, it was clear to Olivia and her team that the traditional approach to bookkeeping was no longer sustainable. The time had come for a solution that would resonate with their clients’ needs and reflect Gecko Bookkeeping’s innovative spirit. 

The Solution 

Dext Prepare emerged as a game-changer, transforming how Gecko Bookkeeping and its clients interacted with financial documents.

The journey began around 2016 when Olivia attended a seminar about the digital evolution of the accounting space. It was there that she discovered Prepare, a tool that could seamlessly fit into their existing digital ecosystem. 

“From the beginning, the majority of our client base was receptive to the idea. They quickly embraced it and got on board with the new approach. That immediate positive response was a major factor in our decision to choose Dext Prepare.”

Olivia Story passionately describes the transition: “It just saves so much time for our entire team to handle all the paperwork. Once we started implementing Dext Prepare with our clients, we realised how it was really revolutionising how we operate. It’s not just about getting receipts, it’s about forming another touch point with our clients. They are happy with it and recognise how simple it is for them, too. It’s made our process more efficient and reliable.”

Dext Prepare’s ability to integrate with various platforms made it stand out against the competition – and it was the cherry on top her team needed. “The app can seamlessly integrate with various software solutions, making the process much easier. The flexibility of having one digital platform to manage everything ensures a streamlined service, regardless of the different software tools being used”, Olivia emphasises.

Olivia Story, director of Gecko Bookkeeping, uses Dext Prepare

The Impact

The results of implementing Dext Prepare were immediate and far-reaching, affecting both their internal efficiency and client satisfaction.

“When clients onboard with us they’re automatically added to Dext Prepare. Just yesterday, I onboarded an electrician who had been using something else to capture receipts and he was like, ‘I have to click so many buttons!’. So I set him up on Dext Prepare immediately.”

Olivia vividly recalls the reactions from clients, such as the electrician above:

“Oh, my God, this is so much easier. I just take a photo and hit submit? Is that all I have to do?” 

Olivia assured him that it was indeed that simple, explaining that they’ve set up automation in the backend, so everything pulls through to Xero seamlessly. “It’s a game changer”, she affirmed, reflecting on how well Dext Prepare has been received by their clients time and time again.

But the real-world applications of Dext Prepare extended beyond individual convenience. Olivia tells the story of a client with a fleet of around 20 trucks, where the drivers no longer had to return to the office to hand in paperwork. “The director said we’ve saved them around five hours a week just because of that. It just shows the difference it makes in people’s lives”.

Olivia and her team collect similar stories. She remembers how transformative Dext Prepare became for Gecko Bookkeeping’s clients: “One of our largest clients was operating entirely manually, with every process handled by hand. In just three months, we were able to change the way they operated, connecting over 10 applications. This was a complete overhaul of their existing system, breathing new life into their workflow.”

The tangible benefits were evident in time savings as well. “We went from three, four, sometimes five hours of bookkeeping down to two”, she says, highlighting that this time can now be utilised for more strategic activities.

Reflecting on the overall impact of Dext Prepare, Olivia sums up: 

“Dext Prepare is essential for the Gecko group, enhancing efficiency for both clients and us. We value it highly for its ability to streamline our processes and create efficiencies. That’s why we love it, hands down.”

“Anyone joining Gecko Bookkeeping receives a subscription to Dext, because we recognise its impact on handling financial information. It’s a necessity that easily integrates with all our software packages.”

Gecko Bookkeeping’s story encapsulates a successful strategic alignment, where technology not only simplifies processes but also strengthens relationships and drives growth. It’s a powerful example of how the right tools can be leveraged to create a seamless and efficient financial ecosystem that benefits everyone involved. 

Find out how Dext Prepare can help you and your clients. Start a free trial today.

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