What’s New in Receipt Bank: March 2018

Find out about all the great product updates and releases that have come to Receipt Bank in March!

Read on to find out which features have been shipped and how adopting them can contribute to the development of your firm.


Missing Paperwork update

Don’t spend unnecessary time trying to retrieve paperwork from your clients. Missing Paperwork makes it easier for you to request those items that have been cash-coded in Xero with no corresponding paperwork attached.

This feature has been updated so you can select each item you want to request paperwork for and create a report that can be sent over to your client. Save yourself email chains and telephone calls with this simple communication method.

Available for Practice Platform

Item Messaging icon

Easily spot your item messages with the new icon on your client’s submitted items to show if there are messages attached. An item that has a new message will now show either a green message icon (unread) or a grey message icon (message thread open). Clicking this icon will take you into the message thread directly – making your client communication even easier to manage.

Available for Practice Platform

Item Messaging from firm name

Prefer to keep your client relationship at the firm level rather than on a per bookkeeper basis? No problem, because now you can send item messages from your firm name – access this setting in your ‘Account Details’ within ‘Account Settings’ to enable this across your partner account.

Available for Practice Platform


Next Deadline Alert

Don’t miss those all important deadlines in your client’s calendar. Next deadline alerts allows you to keep track of the important dates across your client’s calendars including tax deadlines!

This feature has been updated so you will now receive a reminder in the notification centre when you have an upcoming deadline. If you click into the notification it will take you straight into the client account. This will enable you to manage and prioritise your workload accordingly, and most importantly never miss deadline again.

Available for Practice Platform

Line items for unintegrated accounts

Line items is now available for all unintegrated accounts! If you have receipts and invoices with multiple items that require different tax codes then Line Items will save you bundles of time. This feature allows you to separate individual items within a receipt or invoice meaning you can allocate different categories or tax codes to different items. To top this feature off – the data can be exported via CSV and be uploaded straight to your accounting software! Line Items will save you from extra work and time on long invoices and receipts.

Learn how to change your download to a CSV format here.

Available for all accounts

Partner access to 1tap online

You can now gain access to you client’s 1tap online. This new access allows you to add items to your clients’ 1tap account, as well as view their ‘My Income’. Enjoy the greater functionality when working with your 1tap clients.

Tax extraction toggle

For your clients that are non-VAT registered, or don’t require tax extraction, you can now turn off the tax extraction toggle for all your clients’ items. If the toggle is turned ‘OFF’, Receipt Bank will no longer extract tax amounts from your receipts and invoices during processing – you can access this setting within client’s account settings.

Available for all accounts

Disconnect 1tap clients

If you have a 1tap client that you no longer want on your Receipt Bank dashboard you can now disconnect. This can be done simply by going into ‘Client Management’, then select ‘Manage’ on the 1tap client and click ‘Disconnect’.


Add more client users to Extract accounts

Have you got large or growing client firms? Not a problem – support your clients’ growth by offering them the option to add as many client users as needed to Receipt Bank.


You may have noticed this month that the Practice Marketing tab has been removed from your account. This is because we have something exciting in store to take its place! We’ve updated the content and added loads more useful resources to go in an all new location… Stay tuned to find out more.

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