Building an Exit-Proof Practice

Easy, automated bookkeeping with Receipt Bank dramatically improved TaxAssist Herts’s client and team retention rates. Making bookkeeping easy through automation gave a realistic and achievable solution to the pain of manually extracting data from shoeboxes of receipts, saving time and effort.

Automation makes bookkeeping simple, meaning it now takes less time to process transactions and receipts. The shoebox days are over!

The newfound free time that automated bookkeeping created gave Mike Melling the scope to include value-added services for his clients.
Mike used the time to develop his client relationships. He was able to build trust and give clients in-depth advice on their financials. His easy bookkeeping service benefited both sides of the working relationship. It’s a win/win.
Find out how you can increase retention and productivity whilst providing more value for your clients, at no extra cost.