How Growthwise uses Receipt Bank Optimize to Reduce Processing Time by 75%

“There’s a lot more to automation and Receipt Bank than meets the eye. Rather than the manual processes you’re taking away, it’s about the value you’re adding in.”

Beau Gaudron knows what it takes to run a business. At 23, he left his job as an IT technician to run a cafe in Newcastle, Australia. Now, eight years later, he leads the scope, design and implementation of cloud solutions at Growthwise: a firm known for its early adoption of cloud accounting.

Here’s how Beau uses Receipt Bank Optimize to up internal efficiency while consulting businesses on growth and resilience.

Download the case study to find out how to:

  • Cut processing times for financial paperwork by 75%
  • Deliver more value to your clients with business advisory services
  • Increase visibility to accurately allocate business costs