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The accountant toolkit

Help clients work in real-time with the very best assured advice, powered by high-quality and accurate data.

Dext Accountants

Key features

Dext Precision's toolkit is packed with functionality to help you clean, track, analyze and prioritize your accounting data.


Understand the bigger picture

Demolish duplicates

Our Insights feature can identify duplicate contacts quickly and easily using Dext Precision's machine-learning-aided algorithm.

Clean up your codes

Dext Precision can identify miscoded invoices and transactions based on contact history, to make sure everyone's keeping track correctly.

Check it off

Integrate Dext Precision into your processes by building a custom list of checks using Focus, and assign them to a team member to run through and check off.

Slice and dice data

Pivot, group, filter, and sort client data using powerful pivot tables in our sandbox, directly in your browser. Take action quickly - records in Dext Precision have links straight to the relevant spot.

Create custom reports

Save your sandbox configurations as Custom Reports, then share them with your team. Run those reports across any of your clients, or export them to excel on demand.

Lock in lock dates

Keep track of any Locked Period changes, and ensure the upkeep of Lock dates ahead of important reporting periods.

Regular suppliers

This AI-powered insight learns your payment patterns and identifies any unusual transactions for checking.

Historical changes

Quickly and easily locate any changes made in a period since a certain date, to keep those numbers adding up.

Key liabilities

Track Corporation Tax, run through checks on key multi-currency accounts and make sure you're within your scheme thresholds.

Women using a tablet

How it works

Complete historical analysis. Dext Precision pulls a huge range of data from your accounting history to gain insights and spot anomalies you may have missed.

Data, cleaned and checked. See at a glance what needs urgent attention, as well as identifying common bookkeeping errors such as duplicates or miscodings.

Real-time insight. Track your client’s activity to see their performance and accumulated liabilities in one view.

Tools to help you do more

  • Client Onboarding

    Run a client through Dext Precision and get a thorough idea of their bookkeeping needs and business size from the very beginning, for a fair quotation and no surprises further down the line.

  • Tax Returns

    When tax season rolls around, use Dext Precision to identify high-value transactions, review account and tax codes and performance against scheme thresholds.

  • Practice Overview

    Use Dext Precision's Client List and Practice Dashboard to view information across all your clients at once. See at a glance health scores, cash position, and relevant tax information.

  • Health Score Review

    The HealthScore is a great way to get ready for management reports or filing. Or have a bit of fun and motivate your team and clients by rewarding high health scores!

  • Monthly Check-Ins

    Use Dext Precision's workflow builder to set up a recurring check-in with your clients; review their books, business performance, and upcoming liabilities on a regular basis to ensure success.

  • Pricing Review

    You can view your clients’ activity updated on a daily basis; use client transaction and sales performance to inform pricing reviews and make sure you're paid for the work you do.

Focus on the jobs to be done

Healthy clients?

Each client has an overall health score that instantly allows you to prioritize which accounts need attention. Know the state of your clients’ books at a glance for onboarding, pricing, and upskilling your team.

Time to succeed

Never let a client slip through the cracks again. Dext Precision's Practice Dashboard provides a way to quickly view and create reports based on KPI's across all your clients at once, meaning you can raise and fix any issues before they become a problem.

Historical changes

Using the historical changes insight, you can now see if anything has changed within a certain period after the reporting close date. After identifying what has changed and when you can rectify it immediately.

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