Email-in note extraction from email submissions

Email-in note extraction automatically detects submission text in emails and adds them to the cost item – giving you the right information for faster reconciliation.

Dext accountant

More data from your email submissions

Email-in note extraction automatically takes the notes provided when sales and costs documents are submitted by email – giving you greater context for submissions without needing to move between workflows.

Increased data

Notes are automatically added to corresponding submissions in Dext, giving more insights with less work.

More time back

Extracting notes from email-in submissions saves time moving between workflows and chasing clients for more info.

Full context

Add context to your documents from the get-go, creating better understanding of your submissions.

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Based on 439 Reviews

Dext has been vital to my business. Being able to create easy submission of receipts for my clients. This has allowed me to complete work in a timely manner and be able to serve a big geographic area

Jennifer Walsh-Deines

Time-saving, this is a must with any business as it does the boring work for you!


Facilitates straight through processing of expenses and saves time and energy on filing tasks. Would highley recommend.