Good For Abby, Good For Her Company

The afternoon walks by the beach are one of Abby Jude’s favourite parts of the day. That’s not surprising: living and working in Auckland, New Zealand, she’s surrounded by miles of beautiful ocean views. For the past few months, however, Abby has been able to enjoy her afternoon strolls even more.

“Since our company started using Dext, we know the work will always be finished on time and it will always be accurate. Everything’s easier”, she says.

Abby has been an Account Admin for an air conditioning ventilation company for seven years. The finance department has around 10 employees – a friendly and supportive team Abby is happy to be part of.

But, until recently, this 56-year-old professional used to spend hours every week entering data from invoices, receipts and other transactions. As the company grew, so did the volume of information – and the hours of manual data entry.

Thankfully, Abby’s general manager is a tech enthusiast, always open to exploring new tools that can help the team be more productive and efficient. It was because of her encouragement that Abby decided to search for a solution – which she found in Dext Prepare.

“I love Dext, my manager loves it too, the team is very satisfied with it. It was so easy to get started I didn’t even need training! Everything’s beautiful: all the history is there, all the data is organised, we can find each invoice if needed… We used to keep all the paper receipts, but now we put them in the bin.”

Abby Jude

The extra time Abby now has, allows her to dedicate herself to other tasks she enjoys better, and also brings more value to the team.

“Now I can do more project management reports, get involved in reconciliation, payroll… So many other things that are stimulating for me and important for the company. I feel like I can use my brain better with challenging and interesting work, rather than just entering data.”, she says, without hiding the excitement.

Another benefit, Abby says, is having full visibility of the business. For example, the directors can see the company’s cash flow in real-time, which makes it straightforward for the wider team to make decisions. Communication with clients is also easier, as all the information of each transaction is accurate and organised. Just some of the benefits that come with business accounting automation.

“It’s effortless and secure, and we’re just at the beginning of our journey with Dext. There are some other features I still need to explore, and I want to ensure we make the most of it… After all, it’s good for me and good for the company.”

Accuracy, speed, security, reliability… It’s no wonder why over 1.2 million users worldwide choose Dext Prepare as their bookkeeping platform. Inspired by a team that encourages the use of technology to improve efficiency, Abby Jude is still discovering everything automation can do for her and her company. But, so far, everything comes down to one thing: peace of mind.

“I couldn’t take long holidays before Dext. Now my team knows the work will always be done quickly and accurately because we can count on the software, so I’m able to take an extra week off to visit my daughter in the UK. That’s life-changing.”

And the only thing that beats her afternoon walks by the beach.

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