Pricing is such a crucial part of building a profitable, scalable and customer-centric business.

In this guide, we gathered advice and strategies from renowned pricing expert and best-selling author Ron Baker on how to make the move from hourly billing to value-based pricing, so that you can have easier and more fruitful conversations with clients when the time comes to transition. 

 First, Ron delves into the value-based pricing model, then explores his eight steps to implementing value based-pricing in your firm. 

Walk away from this guide with the know-how and knowledge needed to:

  • Transition from Hourly Billing to Value-based Pricing.
  • Manage, clarify, and offer your firm the ability to exceed your client’s expectations.
  • Provide additional services.
  • Bundle pricing, allowing the customer to focus on the totality of the firm’s value proposition rather than the price of each and every service.