The Finance Super Team for Small Businesses Everywhere

It can be a big step for your business to deploy automated accounting software. With several software types to weigh up, the fear of investing in a liability can stop some small businesses in their tracks. However, one thing is not up for debate… and that’s the fact that accountants can be worth their weight in gold to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Accounting software can help with – but will never replace an accountant’s expertise and know-how when it comes to – compliance, tax and audits. For businesses that are committed to growth, accountants can also accelerate that process by helping you:

  • Establish a healthier tax flow and support with financial planning
  • Understand your tax burden, access relief, and file compliant returns
  • Analyse your customer base and revenue distribution 
  • Manage your supply chain risk and your risk exposure in general
  • Choose accounting software that’s the right size and fit for your business

So why invest in accounting software if you already have an accountant?

Because you (or your finance manager), your business data, plus accounting software, and your accountant’s advice make up the finance super team for your small business!

By using data entry software like (ahem!) Dext Prepare, you can scan all your receipts and invoices with your phone and share them instantly with your bookkeeper. This way, you never lose your receipts or other financial records, ever again – they’re all stored safely in the cloud, and it couldn’t be easier for your accountant to categorise your business expenses and publish them to your accounting system. Automatically. Saving you all hours of tedious, error-prone manual data entry every single month. 

Managing your receipts like this, also means that you have an up to date, real-time view of your business spending. Something that is vitally important in the current, challenging climate. And you can get all this insight about how your business is performing, via an easy to use app, without having to contact your accountant.

This frees up your accountant’s time to spend on more value-add services that ensure your company is not only meeting its legal obligations, but that you’re making the smartest decisions, based on actionable financial insights. For example, by ensuring your business is fully prepared for Making Tax Digital; or helping you to better understand your cash flow and what you could be doing more of, to stimulate revenue. What’s more, your accountant will be thrilled, as they’ll always be working with accurate, up to date data. So they can be confident in the figures and accounts that they share back to you.

To recap, here are the 4 key reasons to add Dext to your finance super team:

  1. Automate your expenses data capture, entry and categorisation, saving everyone hours of ‘busywork’ whilst increasing data integrity.
  2. Easily access an accurate, real-time view of your business spending.
  3. Digitise and store your expenses securely in the cloud – everything in one place, and no more paper!
  4. Free up your accountants time to spend on activities that will accelerate your business growth.


Are you a small business owner who wants to take control of your finances? Do you struggle to understand the basics of accounting and bookkeeping? Whether you’re just starting out or looking to brush up on your skills, our new guide everything you need to know.

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