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eCommerce accounting tool for online sellers

Simplify how you manage your online sales. Instantly organise your sales data in a tax-compliant, standardised view. Dext Commerce is an essential tool for eCommerce sellers.

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Simplifying digital sales accounting for online sellers

Dext Commerce is the essential tool for ecommerce accounting services. Use Dext Commerce to group, organise and export your sales transactions into your accounting software of choice.

Accurate sales data extraction tool

Dext Commerce fetches transactions from the world’s largest retailers, marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, point of sale systems and payment providers. Allowing a streamlined, modern approach to managing ecommerce bookkeeping and online accounting.

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Organising and formatting your online sales data

Processes your sales data, splitting out things like tax, payment fees, refunds and reimbursements. Every transaction is itemised, line by line.

Effortlessly export your sales data

Export your standardised sales data to either Xero or QuickBooks Online – whether that’s in bulk or one by one.

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Modernised plan for ecommerce business

Ensure your documents meet new source data regulations, like Making Tax Digital (MTD).
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Tax ready data

Split out payment processing fees and taxes. Account accurately for your sales wherever you sell.

Real-time breakdown view

Stay on top of cut off dates, deferred revenue and more with real-time sales data in one standardised view.

Simple transactions feed

Fetch sales transactions, then separate and itemise your fees, refunds and reimbursements.

Complete connection to other accounting software and platforms

Sync with the world’s leading digital platforms, then export that data to your chosen accounting software.

Unmatched e-commerce technology

Simplify your online sales. Get a comprehensive list of revenue integrations in one single plan.

Trusted by 500,000+ businesses globally

“I sell on Amazon, Etsy and Shopify and there is no way I would have been able to do my bookkeeping without it. In my opinion if you sell on any of these platforms this is a must have app!”


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