File Faster with Paperwork Match, Now Available for QuickBooks Online

Instantly clean up your ledger with Receipt Bank Paperwork Match, now available for Receipt Bank Streamline and Optimize Partners.

We all live busy lives. When your clients are unable or forget to submit their paperwork on time, you may have to create transactions in QuickBooks Online with no proof of purchase. Sometimes, you’ll then have to reconcile against the bank statement to close that month’s book without the necessary paperwork.

If your client then submits that missing paperwork a week, or even months, later, you could have duplicate transactions on your hands. Cleaning up your ledger, removing and un-publishing duplicate transactions, can take hours of time.

Thankfully, there’s now a solution.

For Receipt Bank Partners using Streamline integrated with QuickBook Online, there’s Paperwork Match. Paperwork Match automatically connects any paperwork submitted to Receipt Bank with an existing transaction in QuickBooks Online. Rather than publishing and creating a new transaction, Paperwork Match means you can send attach the image to the existing transaction with just one click.

No more duplicates, and no more manual tidying up. For the upcoming tax season, your books will be clean and audit-ready, even if receipts are submitted after reconciliation. This guarantee is just one more way you can add value to your clients.


We are committed to further developing Receipt Bank Streamline, the second tier of our automated technology. Paperwork Match is designed to work in tandem with Bank features, as part of a wider mission to give you more data and more control.


To start seeing the time-saving and workflow efficiency benefits of Paperwork Match, upgrade to Streamline today and focus on what really matters. Find out more

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