How Businesses are Transforming Their Sales and Operations for E-Commerce

Businesses were hit hard the world over in 2020, with small businesses bearing the brunt. However, data analysis shows that these businesses were remarkably resilient in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, some eighteen months after the pandemic began, business spending is up, and, in many categories, sits comfortably above pre-pandemic levels.

In the UK, US, Canada, France and Australia, businesses suffered from the economic consequences of lockdown measures, with business spending on a range of expenses plummeting. Despite this, businesses were quick to get back on their feet, with spending on software and technology in particular driving recovery. Over the last year, businesses have digitised at a considerably accelerated pace.

This report is a study of how businesses are ‘digitising’ using three key metrics – digital advertising, delivery fulfilment, remote working solutions.

We have produced this report to help accountants and bookkeepers understand the pace and scale of these changes, and how they can respond. We’d love to hear your own perspectives and to discuss how Dext services can help you ensure that managing and taking on more clients who are ‘digitising’ their businesses is profitable and productive.

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