Ohalo and Dext: Pioneering Efficient Data Management in the Digital Age

About Ohalo

Founded in 2017 amidst the rise of GDPR and the subsequent regulatory push for enhanced data understanding, Ohalo navigated the intersection of regulatory requirements and technological advancements. Leveraging the growing power of machine learning and natural language processing, Ohalo addressed challenges in data management and privacy at scale, enabling clients to understand and classify vast amounts of files. Today, the team has grown globally, all driven by the company’s vision and dedication to data management.

We spoke with Kyle Dupont, co-founder and CEO, to learn more about the company and their experience with Dext.

The Challenge 

Enterprises and government departments are flooded with millions of files, each with a unique set of metadata. Not only is the sheer volume overwhelming, but regulations stipulate strict management of these files, especially when it comes to privacy, security and classification. 

“If you imagine a large entity, the multitude of files generated is staggering. And maintaining these in line with privacy and security regulations, when done manually, is sometimes a non-starter”, said Kyle.

Essentially, Ohalo assists its clients in connecting diverse data sources. They pull in these files to discern metadata such as date modified, ownership details and access rights. Additionally, they classify the document contents to identify personal data, PCI or credit card information and other sensitive security information. 

“Our main objective is to streamline workflows around file reporting, tagging, redaction and more, transforming vast amounts of data into organised, accessible and compliant information.”

On the operational side, their challenge was more rudimentary. “The time we spent manually inputting receipts was exhaustive”, Kyle shared. “There was no real process around it. And so, we began looking for an automated solution.”

A sophisticated and complex business like Ohalo, which deals with such a volume of sensitive data, requires a lot of time and attention from the team – time they didn’t have to spend on manual bookkeeping entries.

The Solution 

In their effort to streamline their accounting processes, Ohalo turned to Dext. Initially thinking it was a feature within Xero, the team soon realised the comprehensive capabilities of Dext as a distinct tool for expense management.

The integration between Dext and Xero felt seamless. But there was also something else that caught Kyle’s attention… “The pricing model, which was based on usage, addresses the volatility of application use, making it a fair and practical choice.”

Moreover, for a company that values data privacy and security, Dext offers a tool to manage their own financial documents with the utmost integrity.

“With Dext, there’s also a clear paper trail, allowing for easy access whenever needed.”

For Ohalo’s team, onboarding was straightforward. With a simple app download, team members were equipped and ready to dive into a more efficient way of managing financial data. “They download the app and they’re on the go — it’s nice that it’s so easy”, Kyle said.

The Impact

With Dext in place, Ohalo’s operational efficiency received a boost. The once tedious task of manual receipt entry was now simplified. “The automatic entry feature, where you just take a picture, is the best”, Kyle emphasised. 

The time saved on this front allows them to channel their energy into more strategic endeavours, refining their financial models, and further enhancing their services. According to Kyle, the entire team embraced Dext with open arms. “We’re a satisfied customer. Things are good“, he shared. And their satisfaction did not stop at internal operations:

“When fellow founders ask me about bookkeeping, I always recommend using Dext.”

The symbiotic relationship between Ohalo and Dext is emblematic of the digital age — a testament to what businesses can achieve when they embrace the right tools for their unique challenges.

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