Transforming the Accounting Industry: a Xerocon to Remember

Xero always puts on amazing conferences for accountants and bookkeepers.

Receipt Bank was excited to be a sponsor and partner with Xero on their Xerocon Brisbane event last week, with over 3,500 attendees from leading firms across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Xero put on two days of amazing thought leadership content on the future of accounting and showcased top technologies on their exhibition floor. I wanted to share how Receipt Bank engaged with our current partners and attendees throughout the conference.

The conference was the culmination of months of activity from every team at Receipt Bank. And over three days of conversations, software demos, workshops and cocktails, we redefined what is possible at an accounting conference.

This is a story about growth, about how the accounting and bookkeeping community are coming together to transform an industry. It’s also a story about the role technology and Receipt Bank are going to play in helping businesses all over the world work smarter and add more value.


Receipt Bank has become a recognised leader in helping accountants and bookkeepers succeed. The clearest proof of this was that before a single orange t-shirt stepped onto the conference floor of the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, firms had already made meeting us a priority.


We landed in Brisbane for Xerocon to meet 3,500 accountants and bookkeepers. Xerocon brings together an engaged crowd of curious businesses, ready to get up to date on the latest goings on in accounting technology. We knew it was going to be big, and we responded in kind.


Xerocon is a unique chance to meet new faces and show them what makes Receipt Bank different. This includes our technology, our education and our support. But it also includes the partner experience.

We gave 200 people a taste of this on the first night of Xerocon. Flying the Receipt Bank pirate flag, we set sail on an evening river cruise and lit the yacht orange. Onboard, they heard from some of our leading partners discuss their business transformation with Vicky Skipp, our VP of Sales in APAC, and Damien Greathead, our VP Accountants Programs.

Over 25,000 accountants and bookkeepers make Receipt Bank a key part of their business success. In fact, our partners are at the forefront of change for the accounting industry. It’s our privilege to shine a light on their achievements and thank them for joining us in the effortless bookkeeping revolution.

So we had to throw a special event just for our current partners and raise a glass to them.

We brought together 500 of our forward-thinking current partners to network, share ideas and strategies at a VIP event at Cloudland: a lavish three-floor venue in Brisbane.

Our partners sang, danced and celebrated, while discovering more about our advanced product packages, Streamline and Optimise. Many partners snapped these up on the spot.


Sometimes, it’s hard to measure engagement. This was not one of those times.

A thousand t-shirts, a thousand Receipt Bank jackets and many more Receipt Bank rucksacks, water bottles and coffee cups made the rounds of the conference floor. It is a measure of not only the quality of our swag but also the value of the Receipt Bank brand to this audience.

Nowhere was this clearer than when observing the number of partners bringing their friends and colleagues over, enthusing about the way our technology has changed the way they work, live and grow.


As always, the real stars of the show were our partners, who shared their stories in our very own Receipt Bank filming studio. In the safe hands of our Creative Director, we brought stories of business growth, family trips and process efficiency to life.

It’s inspiring to see how our partners help their clients do more. Look out for their stories being shared in the coming weeks.


So, here are the record-breaking stats.

  • 750 accountants and bookkeepers, celebrating on the Receipt Bank yacht and Cloudland.
  • Over 525 1:1 demos with attendees in just 17 hours, sharing plenty of best practices to get the best out of cloud-based solutions.
  • Over 200+ new firms starting the journey with Receipt Bank.

Now, we celebrate the amazing achievements of our partners.

There are a number of amazing events in the coming few months across the world to plan, plus many new Receipt Bank partners to welcome onboard. Our vision is to transform the accounting industry and business productivity.

The future has never looked quite so orange.


Redefine what is possible for your accounting and bookkeeping firm. Get in touch to learn more about becoming a Receipt Bank partner and start focusing on what matters today. Book a call!

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