Understanding the Types of Greenback Integrations

Understanding the Types of Greenback Integrations


Greenback has been hard at work to deliver the current integrations that you know and use every day. We are continuously evaluating and reevaluating current and future integrations. To better understand these, let’s cover the 3 types of Greenback integrations.


These integrations can be connected to today. These connections are readily available to send and receive your commerce transactions right now.


These integrations can also be connected to today. The Greenback product team closely monitors beta integrations for a period of time to ensure they are performing well. After this period is over, the integration joins the commercial ranks at which point beta testers seamlessly become users.


These integrations are slated for the near future. Users can connect to these integrations, but Greenback does not yet provide transactional data. Connecting to upcoming integrations allows Greenback to acquire live data in order to finalize the beta launch - a crucial step in launching integrations.


Greenback subscribers can connect to integrations at any time from our app.

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