Expense management system for business owners

Discover a streamlined approach to expense management through Dext Prepare. Revolutionise the way you handle expenses, from receipt collection to data extraction, all in one comprehensive platform. 

Simplify your financial processes and stay in control of your business expenses.

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How Dext Prepare enables expense management automation

Looking for an easy expenses management solution? With just a few clicks in Dext Prepare's intuitive mobile app, you can submit your expenses and have them automatically organised and compiled into an expense report.

Here’s how it works:


Snap photographs of your receipts, business invoices, or any other crucial financial documents in one click using the Dext Prepare app.


Dext Prepare analyses and extracts the important information from the paperwork, then publishes it to your accounting software of choice.


The data is automatically sorted by tax, supplier and region; you can sync your bank account or upload a PDF of your statement. Meaning your expense management process is streamlined, cuts down your manual data entry and allows you to track & submit claims for your expenses quickly and accurately.

Your pocket size receipt scanner

Dext Prepare goes beyond simply converting receipts into digital text. One quick photo and the app’s award-winning OCR technology analyses, understands and organises the data, all in 30 seconds. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an accountant or bookkeeper, or have a small business. If you can use a phone camera, you can

Sync with your accounting software

Dext Prepare integrates with all major accounting platforms. Connect yours to Dext, and all of the data will be automatically published and the transactions matched in real time for improved automated accounting workflows. Expense reports can be exported in CSV and PDF formats, or sent automatically via email. And with ‘Image Sharing’, you can share your reports and other financial data with whoever you choose.

Access advanced expenses reports

Create, complete and approve expense reports in less time than it takes to send an email.

Streamline your approval expenses workflow

Appoint specific team members to see and approve employee expenses via their mobile, so nothing is ever missed and expense claims are easily streamlined and simplified.