A Guide to Implementing Accounting Automation in your Firm

The process of implementing automation in an accounting firm can vary depending on strategy, company size, budget and industries served. But, in general, there are a few steps most cloud accounting specialists will take.

We recently interviewed numerous cloud champions across different firms to learn their processes, hear their insights and get some tips. Now we’ve compiled all that into a simple and easy-to-follow 9-steps guide to help you automate your firm – whether you have a cloud accounting specialist or not.

“Firms that haven’t yet adopted technology need to move soon. In fact, very soon. If you don’t keep up with the cloud and embrace that move to it, you will lose clients. They will move to other firms that have the full package, the one-stop shop that can deliver the tax and the advisory on technology. The expectations from clients are evolving so much, and your services need to adapt with that.” – Rachael Stewart, Client Advisory Manager at Mazars UK

Click here and download the Guide to Implementing Accounting Automation in your Firm!

If you want to dive deeper and understand how a cloud accounting specialist can help your practice generate revenue or even how to hire one, we have an extensive guide that answers all your questions. Download our Cloud Accounting Specialist special guide here!

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