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  • The key metrics you need to track and improve in your firm
  • The key reasons clients churn and how to preempt exits
  • How to optimise your use of new tools to boost growth and profit

In 2018, as we enter the ‘post-tech’ age, it’s no longer enough for your firm simply to use accounting software – you need to be leveraging digital technology to its full potential.
Track and improve
In this free guide we cover the key metrics you need to monitor to measure your client experience, growth potential and efficiency.
Using stories and examples from accountants and bookkeepers like you, you can benchmark your performance in key areas and find out how to improve.
Boost your technology ROI
Make sure you’re getting value for money from your cloud tools.
Find out how to align your input and outputs to ensure your technology suite is working for you.
Save more time, delight more clients
Find out which processes in your practice are losing you time, money and clients.