Dext recognised as Best Accounting & Pre-Accounting Automation Specialists at the Worldwide Finance Awards 2023

Dext has been named the Best Accounting and Pre-Accounting Automation Specialists 2023 at the Worldwide Finance Awards 2023 by Acquisition International.

The awards honour those who are firmly at the forefront of the Financial Services sector on a global scale, acknowledging companies and individuals that have expertly adapted to multifaceted challenges and set themselves apart from their peers. 

It feature firms and professionals from across the sector, noted for demonstrating business practices that are in line with current trends advancing the Financial Services industry – from banking relationship management to forward-thinking accountancy practices. This is in addition to those who provide a highly personalised service, accurately delivering solutions that meet client demands with precision, as well as businesses that have invested intelligently in digital transformation. 

Recognised as the Best Accounting and Pre-Accounting Software Automation Specialists, Dext was selected for offering a solution which removes the hassle of manual entry, saving accounting and  bookkeeping practices time and increasing efficiency. Similarly, Dext Prepare was recognised for its solutions that provide accountants and businesses with trustworthy data and knowledge so  they’re in control of financial information, with over 99% accuracy. 

Sabby Gill, CEO at Dext, commented: “Here at Dext, we are always pushing the boundaries and leading the way with AI, machine learning and automation, and we are committed to providing excellence for our customers across the accounting and SMB space. As part of this mission, we are continuously developing our products to meet the changing needs of accountants and business owners. Thousands of these smaller achievements have led us to create a real impact for our customers, and we continue to build on these, helping accountants and business owners save time with automation.” 

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