Yup – its changed….!

Internally we try to improve what we do a little bit every day. We have a motto on a Friday evening that on the coming Monday we get to do it all over again … but better. Incremental but relentless is ingrained. There is no magic wand solution, no bold initiative that resolves everything.

This philosophy has stood us in good stead and provided the foundations from the beginning seven years ago to the company we are today. It has allowed us to build innovative technology solutions the demand for which will see Receipt Bank increase our headcount by 10% in the next 4 weeks alone.

One of the essential elements of this discipline is that everything gets reviewed for improvement possibilities all the time. Mostly we are good at this. Sometimes we are not… Sometimes you stumble across something, an attitude, a process or a way of thinking that hasn’t been reviewed or challenged for such a long period of time that it just is. Our branding and indeed our logo would fall into this category. They had been passed from one evolution of Receipt Bank to the next – without review… without question.

One might be tempted to say – so what…! I suppose there are perhaps two answers to that. Firstly because either you have a philosophy of continuous review and improvement or you don’t. There can be no sacred cows. The second is that branding and logos should reflect the company they represent. Applying the branding that was honest and representative of a plucky little startup to the Receipt Bank of today is misleading. Misleading because the Receipt Bank of today is no longer a startup, because our ambitions to innovate and serve, to professionalise, to recruit and develop have changed out of all recognition.

So this long introduction is merely to announce that we have launched our new branding, our new logo … our new appearance. New yes… but not a revolution… consistent with our iterative approach… a subtle evolution. An evolution that reflects the professionalism of the 350 people now working at Receipt Bank building the technology and innovation that will power the bookkeeping productivity of the future. An evolution that perhaps allows customers throughout the world to anticipate the promises that they can expect of the Receipt Bank of today.

So it was tempting to remove Bank – because we aren’t one. It was tempting to remove Receipt because we are not in the employee expenses category. It was tempting to just start again… But that is not in our nature.

Orange as the colour of Receipt Bank was never going to change. We have been Team Orange for years and as Frank Sinatra once said, “Orange is the happiest colour”.

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