Journalist turned CEO-coach, Andrea Clarke, confirmed for Receipt Bank Exchange 2020

Journalist turned CEO-coach, Andrea Clarke, confirmed for Receipt Bank Exchange 2020

Early on, Andrea Clarke made the art of communication her career.

After reporting major news spanning the US Presidential Election, Hurricane Katrina and the Virginia Tech campus shooting from Washington DC, Andrea moved into the international non-profit arena in 2008.

Driven by a passion for human rights, she supported programs to rebuild Iraq, Afghanistan and Georgia – gathering stories from the frontline to connect those on the ground to those in high levels of office. Then in 2009, Andrea served as a Senior Communication Director to fight the genocide in Darfur.

Throughout, her ability to communicate sensitively and astutely was essential. Yet, when the filming stopped, she faced a different kind of challenge.

“As a reporter, I had no issues communicating to an audience, but once I stepped off camera into a conversation with my boss, I totally lost my voice. I was constantly undermining my own authority, which left me feeling vulnerable and worthless.”

Andrea Clarke, The Squiz

Personally and professionally, nothing is more important than how we communicate. It’s something that we do constantly – physically and verbally – yet, there are moments language seems to fail us.

Whether you’re a news reporter relaying facts that will reverberate around the world, a humanitarian telling stories to unite people or an employee fighting to communicate with their boss, the art of confident communication remains the same.

This is especially true when talking about numbers. How do you convince a longstanding client to move onto new pricing? Or tell a small business owner that their business will fail in the first year if they don’t take action?


Andrea’s experience drove her to found CareerCEO, a business that helps people build the confidence and capability to accelerate their careers. This includes building reputation capital,

…the future of work is about talent, not technology. If we want to outrun the algorithm to stay relevant and competitive, we need to upgrade our capability in ‘human’ ways we may not have considered.

Andrea Clarke

We are thrilled to announce that Andrea Clarke will be sharing all this and more at Receipt Bank Exchange Australia 2020

In her keynote address, Andrea will explore how to:

  • Understand the value of your reputation capital in the workplace, plus your communities and industries at large.
  • Gain confidence in the moments that matter most – the ones where you need to command influence and become a leader.
  • Become more aware of how you may be unconsciously undermining your own authority and begin communicating with the sincerity you need to.
  • And last but not least, importance of being uncomfortable.

Registrations for Receipt Bank Exchange 2020 are now open. To find out more and secure your place, sign up here.